Homeblock Angel – Blockout

Experience complete privacy and light control with the Homeblock Angel Blockout Panel Blinds. These blinds are made from high-quality fabric that effectively blocks out light, creating a perfect environment for sleeping or watching movies.

  • Blockout Fabric: The fabric of these blinds is designed to completely block out light, ensuring a dark and private space.
  • Privacy: Perfect for bedrooms, media rooms, or any other space where you need complete privacy.
  • Light Control: Enjoy a good night’s sleep or create the perfect movie-watching experience by blocking out unwanted light.

    Panel Blinds Features


    Using the best quality components and fabrics, we manufacture to the highest standards, here in Australia, and overseas in partnership with some of the world’s largest, most trusted manufacturers. So it’s no surprise that we proudly stand by all our products, confident that we are giving you the best possible quality.

    Child Safety Requirements

    Child safety is important in purchasing window coverings such as blinds, awnings, and shutters.

    Apollo Blinds is compliant with the new Child Safety Requirements as from January 2015.

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