DIY 101: How to Remove Roller Blinds


DIY 101: How to Remove Roller Blinds

Published August 18, 2023

How To Remove Roller Blinds

Removing roller blinds can be a straightforward process, allowing you to clean or replace them with ease. Follow the steps below to safely remove your roller blinds:


Prepare the Area

Clear the space around the window by removing any furniture or obstacles that may hinder the removal process.

Ensure there is enough room to handle the blinds without causing damage or getting tangled.


Identify the Mounting Type

Roller blinds can be mounted in different ways, such as inside mount or outside mount.

Inside Mount: The blinds are installed within the window frame.

Outside Mount: The blinds are installed on the wall or above the window frame.


Locate the Mounting Brackets

For inside mount blinds, carefully inspect the top of the window frame for the presence of mounting brackets.

For outside mount blinds, check the wall or above the window frame for the brackets.


Remove the Roller Blind

Using a flathead screwdriver, locate the small tabs or screws on each bracket that secure the roller blind in place.

Carefully press or unscrew these tabs or screws to release the blind from the brackets.

Once the blind is released, gently lower it down and out of the window frame.


Outside Mount

Depending on the type of brackets used, you may need to unscrew or unclip them from the wall or ceiling.

Gradually detach the brackets from the surface, ensuring the blind is fully supported during the removal process.

Once the brackets are removed, slide the blind out of the brackets or carefully unroll it.


Store or Prepare for Cleaning

If you plan to clean or replace the roller blinds, store them in a safe and clean area to prevent damage.

If cleaning, refer to the appropriate cleaning techniques for your specific roller blind material.

Follow the cleaning instructions thoroughly before reinstalling the blinds.


Keep Track of Hardware

As you remove the roller blinds, keep track of any screws, tabs, or other hardware used for mounting.

Store these pieces in a small bag or container to ensure they are not misplaced or lost during the cleaning or replacement process.

Removing roller blinds is relatively simple, but it’s important to handle them with care to avoid any damage. By following these steps, you can safely remove your roller blinds for cleaning or replacement purposes.

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