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Pivot Arm Awnings

The Pivot arm awning is the most suitable awning for outward opening windows, to circulate the flow of air and decrease the direct Sun rays. Apollo blinds specialize in pivot arm awnings thereby we provide with multiple feature.Contact us online and get the best affordable pricing.

Various Types of Pivot Arm Awnings

Casement Windows Awnings

The Casement Awning is also based on the Convertible Style Awning with double arm system. The first set of arms is stopped by a chain attached to the wall allowing height necessary for casement window to open outward. The second set of arms then extend the Awning down past the window.

Convertible Awnings

This is the most popular type of Awning due to its versatility. It is suitable for both ground floor and upper level applications and can be operated externally with rope, tape or a winch or internally with tape or a winch. Optional hoods are available in 16 colours, to protect the fabric on the roller
when retracted. Apollo’s Convertible Awning uses a 5 sided bottom rail, which is available in 12 colours, with spring loaded arms for better Awning stability.

Flexi Fit Pivot Arm Awnings

This is a very versatile awning that can be operated either internally or externally and is suitable for lower and upper levels. It can be operated either by rope, tape cord lock, crank and motorised options. The Flexi Fit System allows the fabric to protrude past the end fixing points, making it suitable for fibro and cladded homes where fixing points are limited. The Flexi Fit pivot arm system is also available in slide rail and double arm option.

Florentine Awnings

This is based on the Convertible Awning. It has guide rails connected flush to the wall. Pivot arms can be slid up and down the rails once the Awning is out, to allow more clearance under the awning. This is ideal for doorways and balconies.

Gear Operated Pivot

Gear Operated Pivot is a heavy duty awning suitable for high wind areas and wide window applications.It spans widths up to 5500mm and area coverage of 16.8 square metres.
Available in motorized option, which can be coupled with sun and wind sensor for optimum control.

• All available colours for fabric Awnings
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