Spring Operated Straight Drop

Spring Operated Straight Drop

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To operate this blind pull down by hand or for higher installed blinds use the pull down pole.
The top roller has a spring so that as you pull the blind down the blind is tension.
This blind is designed to be pulled down to a hand rail, where the bottom rail can be attached to snap hooks.
Fabrics available Screen / mesh, acrylic and canvas.

Available colours for Spring Operated Straight Drop Awnings


Navy ModeColours 507 Bamboo Nougat ModeColours 509 Flint Moonlight ModeColours 511 Macchiato ModeColours 514 CaramelCream ModeColours 517 Chalk MD Almond MD Greystone ModeColours 529 Wheat
(see all samples and specifications)


Ironbark Uluru Sorrento Wanda KingstonBasalt Goldstone GraniteEverest Evergreen Titangrey
(see all samples and specifications)


Cottage green Deep ocean Head land Iron stone Jasper Summershade Surfmist"" Wheat Wilderness Windspray Woodland grey
(see all samples and specifications)

Spring Operated Awnings
Spring Operated Awnings
Spring Operated Awnings
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