Battery Operated Roller Shutters

Battery Operated Roller Shutters

Battery Operated Roller Shutters

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Designed in Australia, PowerSmart™ battery operated roller shutter automation system is a unique, technologically advanced battery operated roller shutter control system. PowerSmart™ battery operated roller shutter allows you to raise and lower your external shutters at the touch of a button from the comfort of your home.

When it’s steaming hot outside or there is a storm brewing, you don’t have to venture out, and you don’t have to run around the house winding handles, your shutters are easily controlled via a stylish all-in-one wall mounted control.

The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has a large capacity, but when it does need recharging, an LED warning light flashes, and you simply charge it like a mobile phone.

Because the whole system is completely independent of mains power, it is not affected by power outages, and it’s also easy to install, so there is no need for an expensive electrician.

Product Features

  • All-in-one 12V control system & battery
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Completely independent of mains power
  • Easy & quick to install
  • No need for electricians
  • Removable & rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Recharge LED warning light
  • Easy to recharge like a mobile phone
  • Stylish design & easy to use controller
  • Compatible with Sensi-Fire™ Wireless
  • Designed in Australia

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Width: 500mm
  • PowerSmart Unit Size: 84mm x 126mm x 37mm
  • Power Supply: 12V
  • Battery Charge Time: 3 hours approx
  • Fully Charged Expected Cycles: 45-50 Cycles (average shutter)

Controller & Rechargeable Battery Pack

Controller & Rechargeable Battery Pack

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