Fixed Guide Awnings

Fixed Guide Awnings

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Features Fixed Guide Awnings
  • Hoods & Five sided bottom rail colours will be the same as an automatic lock arm. (also available without hood)
  • Gold passivated guides as standard (superior to galvanising)
  • Optional stainless steel guides available at additional cost
  • Scalloped, straight or no valance options
  • Guide rail bottom L brackets available in 150mm or 300mm
  • Crank or motorised control options
  • A budget motorised option for high windows
  • The fabric rolls from the back of the hood (underoll)
  • The fixed guide bottom rail has a tendency to rattle in windy conditions we always recommend retracting any awning in windy conditions

Available colours for Fixed Guide Awnings


Canvas (Barrington Artisan)

Barrington-Artisan-300-Kurri Kurri Barrington-Artisan-301-Tivoli Barrington-Artisan-302-Meridan Barrington-Artisan-303-Normandy Barrington-Artisan-304-Branford Barrington-Artisan-305-Malibu Barrington-Artisan-306-Esperance

Canvas (Barrington Colours)

Barrington-200-Hazelnut Barrington-201-Midnight Barrington-202-Merlot Barrington-203-Chocolate Barrington-204-Monsoon Barrington-205-Canyon Barrington-206-Coffee

Canvas (Barrington Jubilee)

Barrington-Jubilee-100-Asana Barrington-Jubilee-101-Freemont Barrington-Jubilee-102-Soho Barrington-Jubilee-103-Maison Barrington-Jubilee-104-Florence Barrington-Jubilee-105-Bandon Barrington-Jubilee-106-Savannah

Canvas (Brella Classic)

Cosmopolitan C307 Cosmopolitan C309 Cosmopolitan C316 Duotone D112 Duotone D401 Duotone D404 Impression I282

Canvas (Brella Classic Ho)

Cosmopolitan C310 Cosmopolitan C322 Duotone DB29 Impression I226 Impression I228 Impression I303 Impression I320

Canvas (Brella Linear)

Beige Black Blue Flint Brunswick Green Burgundy Burnt Chilli Cinnamon
(see all samples and specifications)


Docril-017 Docril-028 Docril-140 Docril-165 Docril-172 Docril-228 Docril-231
(see all samples and specifications)

Mesh (Outlook Mode Colours)

559-Forest-Green 564-Platinum 565-Arctic-Blue 566-Alpaca 575-Marzipan 582-Celadon 597-Maroon

Mesh (Outlook Design)

618-Wanda 625-Palm-Beach 636-Stradbroke 642-Gumleaf 644-Nambucca 648-Daintree 654-Tundra

Mesh (Outlook Mode Privacy)

Mode Privacy 401 Gunmetal Mode Privacy 402 Chestnut Mode Privacy 406 Desert Mode Privacy 407 Black Opal Mode Privacy 408 Shadow Mode Privacy 409 Colorado Mode Privacy 410 Cotton

Mesh (Outlook Mode Textures)

900 Milky Topaz 901  Golden Glow 902  Havana 903 Smokey Quartz 904  Brushed Copper 905 Peppermint 906  Blue Zircon

Vistaweave 95

Vistaweave 95 Green Tea Vistaweave 95 GunmetalVistaweave 95 Ironstone Vistaweave 95 Jasper Vistaweave 95 Mist Vistaweave 95 Oyster Vistaweave 95 Paperbark

Vistaweave – 99

vistaweave 99 Cappuccino Vistaweave 99 Caramel Vistaweave 99 Charcoal Vistaweave 99 Classic Cream Vistaweave 99 Ebony Vistaweave 99 Ebony Vistaweave 99 Paperbark

Vistaweave – Stripe

Vistaweave Stripe T044 Vistaweave Stripe T113 Vistaweave Stripe T115 Vistaweave Stripe T232 Vistaweave Stripe T294

(see all samples and specifications)

Fixed Guide Awnings Awnings Awnings

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