Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

    Keep areas warm in winter and cool in summer with Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds.

    The Best Track Guided Ziptrak® Blind System

    Specially designed tracks on both sides of the blind enable the fabric to glide smoothly and easily – stopping anywhere you want! Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against high winds and UV – no zippers or buckles required, it’s that simple.

    Keep areas warm in winter and cool in summer

    With Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season!


    Ziptrak® track guided blind system locks your blind fabric into special tracks, with no gaps at either side to secure against flapping. Its quick and easy ‘pull-down, push-up’ action takes out all the hard work of regular blinds and leaves you with an elegant blind that enhances the look and feel of your home or business.

    Discover a simpler way to shade and protect your outdoor way of life by Ziptrak® Outdoor
    Blinds. Pull down and push up! It’s that EASY to protect yourself from the elements with Ziptrak® track guided blind system.For sun, wind, rain and UV protection, choose the fabric that you need:


    Whatever the style of your residence or business, Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds has a solution for you:

    Removable Post

    To cover an opening wider than 5.2m (screen) optional removable post available for larger span

    Leave Your Worry Behind On Windy Days With Ziptrak®

    Ziptrak® blinds are trusted by thousands of Australian homes and businesses to provide enjoyable outdoor living space. The strong and robust system is commonly installed throughout coastal regions and locations prone to high winds.

    In windy conditions, blinds should be left down and locked, or fully retracted – half way is the most vulnerable position. During severe weather events, your blinds should be fully retracted.

    You may find Ziptrak® spring-balanced blinds are a little tricky to operate during windy conditions due to the pressure of the wind on the blind material. Use your hand to push against the blind material to reduce this pressure and then operate the blind.

    Care must be taken when operating motorized Ziptrak® blinds in windy conditions. They must be supervised whilst raising and lowering at all times.
    Professional Installation is crucial to determining the performance of your blind in wind.


    Sunscreen mesh and PVC appearance with Ziptrak®: What Should You Expect

    The Ziptrak® system is custom-made for every installation, and is compatible with a great variety of clear PVC and Sunscreen mesh products that are not provided by Ziptrak Pty Ltd. PVC and Sunscreen
    Mesh are advanced materials, designed to withstand hard Australian conditions with extreme temperature fluctuations. Each Ziptrak® system has a variety of factors that influence the
    appearance of the blind material, including, but not limited to:

    • The size of the opening
    • Product selections
    • Installation
    • Wind and weather variance
    • User operation method

    Ziptrak® provides effortless and fast operation, whilst securing the blind within a track and can easily be left at any height. As Sunscreen Mesh and PVC are flexible product by nature, users should not expect these materials to look like a fixed panel surface. Any interior or exterior blind material will naturally have imperfections in the finish. Importantly, customers should note:

    Due to the method in which the Sunscreen Mesh and PVC skin rolls onto the Top Tube, minor distortion in the Mesh or PVC can occur vertically near the side Ziptrak® Spline. This distortion is standard and should be expected in most applications. Sometimes, over time and with the warmth of sunlight, some types of distortions may disappear whilst others remain.
    Users may notice the blind seems “baggy” or has a “smiley face” when the bottom bar is left at the half way position (blind is half open). This is common for track-guided outdoor blinds, regardless of brand. This occurs due to the way the material rolls onto the Top Tube, and is to be expected in both motorised or manually operated blinds. To minimize this effect, users are advised to fully retract the blind, and then pull down to the half way position. When the blind is down and locked, users should enjoy the appearance of no sag or “baggy” sections.
    Users should allow a few days for new blinds to “settle”, as the Sunscreen Mesh and PVC has been rolled up prior to installation. Over time, with varying weather conditions, most material distortions should minimize or disappear entirely.
    There will almost always be some type of deflection on the product. It is not under tension and should not be expected to look like a panel of glass.

    Available Fabric Colours for Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

    Mesh (Vistaweave 95)

    Clear PVC

    Bracket / Hood / Side Channel colours and bottom rail options

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Product

    Ziptrak® are stylish and functional outdoor blinds made from weather-resistant PVC or acrylic fabric. They roll down smoothly on guided tracks and zip tight to the sides for complete weather protection.

    Yes, Ziptrak® offers several advantages:

    Clearer view: They roll up completely, unlike awnings, providing unobstructed outdoor views.

    Wind-resistant: Zips lock the fabric in place, making them highly wind-resistant.

    Weatherproof: They protect against rain, sun, and insects.

    Modern aesthetic: Their sleek design enhances the look of your home.

    They’re perfect for patios, verandas, pergolas, balconies, and even poolside.

    Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild soap. No harsh chemicals needed.

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