Get Your Comfort & Efficiency with Cellular Blinds from Apollo Blinds: Australia's Sun-Smart Choice

    Efficient Insulation with Apollo’s Cellular Blinds

    Cellular blinds, also known as honeycomb blinds, are Australia’s rising stars when it comes to window treatments. Their unique honeycomb design delivers a powerful combination of style, comfort, and energy savings, making them the perfect choice for any Aussie home.

    Energy Efficient Cellular Blinds

    Seeking a way to maintain consistent home comfort throughout the year and cut down on energy expenses? Look no further than Apollo’s Cellular Blinds. With a unique design, these blinds capture air within their honeycomb cells, creating a barrier that minimizes air movement from outside to inside and vice versa. This effective insulation enables you to maintain a cozy atmosphere in winter and a refreshingly cool ambiance in summer.

    Limitless Options with Cellular Blinds

    In addition to their insulation properties, Apollo’s Cellular Blinds also offer style and versatility. With five different fabric and cell ranges, an array of colours, and various operating systems, you can choose the perfect cellular blind to complement your home’s decor and meet your needs. Whether you want a subtle and understated look or a bold and eye-catching statement piece, Apollo has a cellular blind to suit your style.

    Customizable and Practical

    Apollo’s Cellular Blinds are also highly customizable and practical. Seamlessly operated, they offer choices between corded, cordless, or motorized systems. Moreover, within Apollo’s Cellular Blinds, resides an embodiment of excellence – premium-grade fabric meticulously woven to promise unyielding endurance and lasting resilience, making them a true testament to quality craftsmanship.

    Cellular Blinds Features

    Superior Insulation by Cellular Blinds

    Beat the harsh Aussie sun and enjoy year-round comfort. Cellular blinds’ unique air pockets act as an extra layer of insulation, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This translates to potentially lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

    Light Control Masterclass

    Ditch the “all or nothing” approach to light. Cellular blinds offer precise control, allowing you to filter natural light for a soft, diffused glow or block it out completely for ultimate privacy and blackout conditions. Choose fabrics and densities to customize your light control game.
    Cellular Blinds
    Cellular Blinds

    Low Maintenance Marvels

    Tired of constant cleaning? Cellular blinds are dust-resistant and easy to maintain. Their smooth design and lack of exposed cords minimize dust build-up, making them a hassle-free window treatment solution.

    Perfect for Every Room

    rom bedrooms and living rooms to home offices and nurseries, cellular blinds adapt to any space. Enjoy their benefits in areas where comfort, privacy, and temperature control are top priorities.

    Cellular Blinds Control Options

    See all available Cellular Blind Control settings available.

    Motorised Control

    Standard Control

    Cords open from the bottom only.
    Cordless Control

    Cordless Control

    Hand operated with tab on the bottom rail.
    Top Down Bottom Up Control

    Top Down Bottom Up

    Can be opened from the top down or the bottom up.
    Clutch System

    Clutch System

    Continuous cord drive unit.
    Day Night Control

    Day Night Control

    A translucent and blockout combined into one blind.

    Skylight Control

    Skylight Control

    Wand-operated control.

    TDBU Cordless

    TDBU cordless

    Top Down Bottom Up cordless opration.

    Motorised Control

    Motorised Control

    remote-operated control.

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    Please call your local Apollo Blinds Specialist and they will be able to assist you with your selection of colours and styles of Blinds Awnings and Shutters to suit your home or business.

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