Motorised Roller Shutters

Motorised Roller Shutters

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Motorised Roller Shutters

Ozroll Drive System
Ozroll Drive System

Motorised system of control that is battery operated and not reliant on mains power, offering operation at touch of a button and a clean and cost effective installation with no electrician required.
Apollo’s Roller Shutters combine the smooth good looks of the Roller Shutter system with the privacy and sense of security we all need in today’s world.
Roller Shutters not only deter intruders they also keep out noise, wind, rain and give great protection from the harsh summer sun. European designed and made in Australia, Apollo’s Roller Shutters are tailor made to fit your windows.

Roller Shutters make being comfortable and secure in your home easier than ever whilst helping reduce your energy costs. (This product is manufactured in Australia)


  • Shutter slats available in white, grey, brown, cream, beige, sand, green, red and black
  • 40mm slat profile
  • Channel width 53mm
  • Head box and guide rails are available in white, brown, cream and sand
  • Head box shape options: Standard square
  • Head box and guide rails may be colour matched at an additional cost
  • Custom colours are available on request (AE401 only)
  • Helps reduce heating and cooling costs in your home
  • Prevent sunlight fading carpets & furnishings
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Light and ventilation can be adjusted to create a pleasant atmosphere
  • Protection against radiant heat from bushfires
  • Maximum width 3600mm
  • Maximum drop 3000mm
Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters

Designs & Available colours for Apolloguard Roller Shutters

AR401 Roll Form Aluminium: 40mm slat profile is injected with polyurethane foam assisting in sound and heat insulation.

Roller Shutters White Roller Shutters Grey Roller Shutters Cream Roller Shutters Sand Roller Shutters Beige Roller Shutters Green Roller Shutters Red Roller Shutters Brown Roller Shutters BlackRoller Shutters Wood Grey Roller Shutters Deep Ocean Blue

AE401 Extruded Aluminium: Designed to comply with the new BAL40 bushfire regulations.

Roller Shutters Black Roller Shutters Mill Roller Shutters Anodised Roller Shutters White Roller Shutters Cream Roller Shutters Sand Roller Shutters Wood GreyRoller Shutters Deep Ocean Blue

* Actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen.
* Available colours may vary from our supplier

Roller Shutters outdoor
Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters

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