Transform your windows with our stunning range of vertical blinds. Explore our budget-friendly options and discover the ideal design to achieve your desired look and enhance your privacy.

    Buy Durable and Functional Vertical Blinds in Australia with Apollo Blinds

    Looking for high-quality vertical blinds that can withstand the harsh Australian climate and keep the sun and light out of your room? Apollo Blinds has got you covered. Our blinds are available in different colours and designs to help you get the perfect fit for your windows.

    Enhance Your Home with Apollo Vertical Blinds

    Enhance the look and feel of your home with Apollo Blinds. They are not just highly functional, but also they’re aesthetic and pleasing. They are the perfect addition to any house or office since they can be tailored based on your needs. Choose Apollo Blinds for your blinds online and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best quality blinds at an affordable price.

    Vertical Blinds Product Range

    Some of the best-selling interior blinds from our collection are listed below:

    Fabric vertical blinds are window coverings composed of long, vertically hanging fabric panels called “vanes.” Unlike curtains or drapes, these vanes rotate individually along a top track, allowing you to control light and privacy by adjusting their angle.

    Sloping fabric vertical blinds are a specialized type of window treatment designed for windows that are not perfectly vertical, such as skylights, conservatories, or angled windows in lofts. It features unique tracks or brackets that allow it to tilt and adjust to the specific incline of the window.

    Mould- and Fade-Resistant Fabric Vertical Blinds

    Our Fabric Vertical Blinds are designed to last. They are mould- and fade-resistant, making them perfect for small windows or sliding doors. Their anti-static dust-resistant coating also helps keep them looking fresher for longer. If you’re looking for blinds that are even more durable, consider our Shicane Vertical Blinds.

    Robust Tracking System and Child-Safety Compliant

    One of the key features of our blinds is their 41mm heavy duty track system. It’s robust and eliminates sag, and has self-aligning carriers with replaceable hooks and stainless steel spacers. Our geared control box also ensures precise control and easy operation when you want to alter the slant of your blinds. For greater control, flexibility, and functionality, choose our Dual Control System. You can also choose between wand or cord operation, both of which adhere to child safety legislation.

    More Options for Your Convenience

    At Apollo Blinds, we believe in providing our customers with more options. If you have pets or children, you might prefer our chainless blinds. Depending on where you want to position your blinds, you may need chains to stabilize them. If you have raked windows, our innovative Sloping Vertical Blinds are specially designed for triangular, shaped, or angled windows, adding the perfect finishing touch to your property. We rigorously test our products to verify their reliability and security, and we follow to all legal Australian standards and laws.

    Available Options For Vertical Blinds

    Available Options For Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blinds Cleaning

    Vertical Blinds
    Vertical Blinds
    Vertical Blinds
    Vertical Blinds

    Vertical Blinds Available Colours

    Apollo Elite


    Enhance Your Home with Apollo Vertical Blinds

    Elevate your windows with the clean lines and modern design of vertical blinds. Perfect for patio doors, large windows, and even oddly shaped openings, vertical blinds offer superior light control and a sleek, uncluttered look. Choose from a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors to find the perfect match for your style, all while enjoying the easy operation and long-lasting functionality that vertical blinds provide.

    Vertical Blinds Brochure

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