Straight Drop Crank

Straight Drop Crank

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Features: Straight Drop Crank Awnings
  • Widths up to 5500mm
  • Choice of Crank Colours: Ebony or White
  • Brackets available in: Ebony, White, Zincalume or Stainless steel(surcharge applies)
  • Standard bottom bar 50mm tube in pocket
  • Specify either, end strap adaptor or strap cut out for bottom rail (You must specify distance in from each end)
  • Valance option not available
  • Crank handle available in: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2200mm
  • Specify reverse or standard roll
  • Motorisation available with torque sensing technology
  • (This product is manufactured in Australia)
Straight Drop CrankStraight Drop Crank

Available colours for Convertible Awnings


    Acrylic (Dickson)

Beige 8902 Beige Tweed U189 Brownie U224 Clay U387 Color Block Brown D334 Dune 0681 Gazelle Tweed U140 Gypsum U335 Hardelot Beige 8935 Heather Chine 8779 Linen 8904
(see all samples and specifications)

    Mesh (Outlook Mode Privacy)

Mode Privacy 401 Gunmetal Mode Privacy 402 Chestnut Mode Privacy  406 Desert Mode Privacy 407 Black Opal Mode Privacy 408 Shadow Mode Privacy 409 Colorado Mode Privacy 410 Cotton
(see all samples and specifications)

    Canvas (Brella Classic)

Cosmopolitan C307 Cosmopolitan C309 Cosmopolitan C316 Duotone D112 Duotone D401 Duotone D404 Impression I282 Impression I302Revival R194 Stylemaster S216
(see all samples and specifications)

    Clear PVC

Easislip Clear Easislip Grey Easislip_Clear Easislip Charcoal

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