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    Straight Drop Crank Awnings

    Straight Drop Crank Awnings are one of the most popular types of awnings for homes and businesses. They are easy to operate, affordable, and provide excellent protection from the sun and rain.

    Straight Drop Crank Awnings are operated by a crank handle that is attached to a gear mechanism. The gear mechanism raises and lowers the awning arm, which extends or retracts the awning fabric.

    Straight Drop Crank Awnings

    Straight Drop Crank Awnings Features

    Straight Drop Crank Awning Colours Available

    Canvas (Brella Classic)

    Acrylic (Dickson)

    Mesh (Outlook Mode Privacy)

    Frequently Asked Questions on Product

    These awnings extend straight down from your wall or structure, providing shade and protection like a sun shield. They operate smoothly with a convenient crank handle, letting you adjust the coverage to your needs.

    Sun and rain protection: Enjoy your outdoor space comfortably, shielding yourself from harmful UV rays and unexpected showers.

    Energy savings: Reduce cooling costs by blocking direct sunlight and lowering indoor temperatures.

    Enhanced privacy: Control visibility from outside, creating a private haven on your patio, deck, or balcony.

    Easy operation: The crank mechanism allows for effortless awning adjustment, even for those with limited mobility.

    Durable and stylish: Available in various fabrics and colors to complement your home’s exterior and withstand weather elements.

    While they offer good wind resistance, it’s advisable to retract the awning during strong winds to prevent damage. Consider wind sensor options for automatic retraction in windy conditions.

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