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    Looking for a reliable and stylish way to secure your home? Apollo’s range of modern shutters has got you covered.

    Looking for Affordable Plantation Shutters?

    When it comes to shutters, clients want to get the best value for their money without sacrificing quality. At Apollo Blinds, we understand this need and offer affordable plantation shutters that are built to last. Our shutters are built with high-quality materials. They are designed to fit in any window frame and window sizes and that makes them a perfect choice for any homeowners who wants to add sophistication and elegance to their home without breaking the bank.

    Plantation Shutters are the most sophisticated and versatile window coverings available in the market today. Different variations offer unique combinations of styles that can transform rooms through styles. With sleek design and controllable natural light, diy plantation shutters are a popular choice among homeowners who want to enhance the look and feel of their living spaces.

    Why Apollo Plantation Shutters?

    Since early 2000, Apollo has been using its vast design and manufacturing experience to create its famous Louvre Shutters. Today, they are fabricated by our global partners to the highest Australian standards. They are available in various styles making us a one stop shop for all your Shutter needs.

    Plantation Shutters Options

    Enhance the look of your spaces with a variety of styles.

    • Louvre Shutters: These are overlapping uniform slats of wood set into a frame well suited for residential projects.
    • Smartwood™ Shutters: made from non-toxic polymer foam, so that they won’t crack, warp, or split. Enjoy beautiful shutters for many years while offering the same look as wood
    • Tilia Shutters: a medium density timber shutter that’s durable and resistant to bowing and warping
    • Cedar Shutters: available in light, medium, and dark and can be painted or stained; known for their light weight and good insulating properties
    • Aluminium shutters / Aluminium Plantation Shutter: available for interior or exterior use and feature a chip resistant powder coating

    Not all Plantations are the same

    Call Your Local Apollo Agent

    Please call your local Apollo Blinds Specialist and they will be able to assist you with your selection of colours and styles of Blinds Awnings and Shutters to suit your home or business.

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