Pivot Arm Awning

Pivot Arm Awning

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Pivot Arm Awning is a heavy duty awning suitable for high wind areas and wide window applications.It spans widths up to 4200mm and area coverage of 16.8 square metres.
Available in motorized option, which can be coupled with sun and wind sensor for optimum control.

  • Suitable for window and doors (with slide rails option)
  • Comes complete with hood in White, Ebony & Precious Silver Pearl finish
  • Front rail colours are White, Ebony & Precious Silver Pearl finish
  • Arm & slide rail come in Clear Anodised (Silver in colour)
  • Widths up to 4200mm
  • Arm size / projection 500mm – 1500mm in 100mm increments
  • Slide rail size / lengths 1000mm – 2000mm in 500mm increments
  • Available with ether gear/crank or motorized operation which can be coupled with sun & wind sensors for optimum control.
  • When used with the optional slide rail (additional cost) this enables you to increase the height of the front rail, so giving a better height clearance (please note that this operation has to be done manually)
  • Acrylic, Mesh, Canvas
Gear Operated Pivot Arm Awning

Available colours for Gear Operated Pivot

Acrylic (Docril)

Docril-558 Docril-604 Docril-623 Docril-624 Docril-662 Docril-663 Docril-664 Docril-668
(see all samples and specifications)

Mesh (Vistaweave 95)

Vistaweave 95 Charcoal Vistaweave 95 Charcoal Vistaweave 95 Classic Cream Vistaweave 95 Cobalt Vistaweave 95 Cocoa Vistaweave 95 Congo Vistaweave 95 Copper Vistaweave 95 Dune Vistaweave 95 Ebony Vistaweave 95 Fed Green Vistaweave 95 Flint
(see all samples and specifications)

Canvas (Barrington Colours)

Barrington-200-Hazelnut Barrington-201-Midnight Barrington-202-Merlot Barrington-203-Chocolate Barrington-204-Monsoon Barrington-205-Canyon Barrington-206-Coffee Barrington-208-Federation
(see all samples and specifications)

Gear operated Pivot Arm Awnings
Gear operated Pivot Arm Awnings
Gear operated Pivot Arm Awnings
Gear operated Pivot Arm Awnings

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