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Awnings & Outdoor Blinds

Apollo Awnings or outdoor blinds add value to any home.  They are an attractive, practical, and affordable way to extend your outdoor entertainment areas and shade your windows from the elements.

Apollo Awnings can also increase your home’s energy efficiency. In summer they prevent sun glare, and block the sun’s rays from your windows, helping your home to stay cooler and saving you money on power costs. Reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your home can also help prevent damage to furnishings and floor coverings.

In winter, Apollo Awnings help to cut your heating costs by reducing drafts and retaining warmth.

With five different styles, there is an awning to suit almost any application; Fixed, Folding Arm, Pivot Arm, Spring Operated and Straight Drop or Outdoor Roller Blinds.

They are available in an extensive range of designer colours and patterns, and long lasting, UV resistant materials too, such as traditional canvas, acrylics, breathable screen fabrics, PVC and even Colourbond steel.

Our superior quality components make operating Apollo Awnings a breeze. They can be controlled by a robust spring roller, manual crank, or in the case of our motorised awnings, at the touch of a button, tap of your smart device or voice activated with Google or Amazon. And for the ultimate in safety and convenience, we can install clever weather sensors that automatically move your awnings to follow the movement of the sun and retract them whenever strong winds are detected.

NATURAL MANUFACTURING CHARACTERISTICS: It is important to understand that there is a possibility of wrinkles & undulations in fabric awnings due to vertical joins, hems or side splines. Whilst we endeavour to eliminate visible uncertainties, these are characteristic to the rolling of fabric & will not deter from the performance nor the life of the product.

Extensive Range of Custom Modern Awnings

With four different styles, Apollo has an Awning to suit almost every application.

Fixed Awnings

Fixed Café Awnings
Fixed Café Awnings
  • Affordable solution: when nothing else will do.
  • Complete with a Sail track on the top and a 5 sided front rail with white powder coated arms for support.
  • Suitable for Windows, Shop fronts, Doorways
  • Trim available: Plain or Scallop
Fixed Canopy Awnings
Fixed Canopy Awnings
  • Ideal as a decorative awnings.
  • Great on southern and northern application for:
  • Sun protection.
  • Can be used for rain protection over windows and doorways.
  • The large surface area makes them suitable for sign writing.
  • Fixed awning, with an aluminium rib sub-structure, covered in fabric.
  • Used over windows, doors and Shopfronts.
  • Available Shapes: Dutch Canopy, Eliptical Canopy and Cupola Canopy.
Colourbond Steel Fixed Awnings
Colourbond Steel Awning
  • Colourbond Steel offers many years of durability.
  • Practical & cost effective:
  • Protect your doors & windows from sun and rain.
  • Cantilevered from the wall with either arm supports or post and provides optimum solar control (northern and southern application) and weather protection.
  • Colours can be mixed in any combination

Folding Arm Awnings

Fixed Arm Awnings
Folding Arm Awnings
  • Great sun protection over large areas
    - Titan range up to width 9600mm and projection 3600mm.
    - Millennium up to width 7500mm and projection 4100mm.
  • When not required, the arms retract the fabric back onto the roller and out of the way.
  • Available as standard, Semi Cassette or Full Cassette which conceals the mechanism inside headbox when retracted.
  • Standard operation is by crank (gear operation) or awning.
  • Can be motorised and linked with optional sun and wind sensors, to:
    – Extend the awning when sunny.
    – Retract awning when wind speed is excessive

Awnings Range

Spring Operated Awnings
Spring Operated Straight Drop
  • Pull down by hand or use the pull down pole
  • Spring that keep the blind in tension when pull down
  • Pulled down to a hand rail, where the bottom rail can be attached to snap hooks
Automatic Lock Arm
Automatic Lock Arm Awning
  • Sring loaded top roller and guide rails fitted flush to the wall with standout arms
  • Adjusted by guiding the arms up and down the rails
  • It will automatically lock in when the arms are released in a 90 degree position.
  • Operated by hand from outside
  • Resists high winds and ideal for ground floor applications, narrow walkways and situations that require the Awning to be as close to the window as possible
  • Arm sizes from 150mm standouts through to 600mm (increments of 150mm)
Flexi Fit Automatic Lock Arm
Flexi Fit Automatic Lock Arm
  • Similar to standard automatic lock arms but with aluminium components
  • 3 sided headbox which allows mounting brackets to be positioned anywhere along the width (instead of at the end of the Awning) the arms can also be positioned on the bottom rail where required.
  • This allows the Awnings to be installed on cladded and fibro walls without the use of unsightly bracing.
Shop Front Awning
Shop Front Awning
  • Used with J hooks hung from shop awning
  • Raised and lowered manually with rope
  • The J hooks hold the Awning in place when it is in down position
  • Ideal for providing shade to shop front windows, usually covering the total width of the shop front
  • Company logos or product details can be sign written to Awnings making the shop more noticeable from the street
Fixed Guide Awning
Fixed Guide Awning
  • Budget motorised option for high windows
  • Optional stainless steel guides available at additional cost
  • Crank or motorised control options available
Convertible Awning
Convertible Awnings
  • Most popular type of Awning: versatility.
  • Suitable for ground floor and upper level applications.
  • Can be operated externally with rope, tape or winch (internally with tape or winch).
  • Optional hoods, to protect the fabric on the roller when retracted.
  • 5 sided bottom rail, with spring loaded arms for better Awning stability.
Casement Windows Awning
Casement Windows Awnings
  • Convertible Style Awning with double arm system
  • First set of arms is stopped by a chain attached to the wall allowing height necessary for casement window to open outward.
  • Second set of arms then extend the Awning down past the window.
Flexi Fit Pivot Arm Awning
Flexi Fit Pivot Arm Awnings
  • Very versatile Awning: Can be operated either internally or externally
  • Suitable for lower and upper levels.
  • Can be operated either by rope, tape cord lock, crank and motorised options
  • The Flexi Fit System allows the fabric to protrude past the end fixing points, making it suitable for fibro and cladded homes where fixing points are limited.
  • The Flexi Fit pivot arm system is also available in slide rail and double arm option.
Florentine Awning
Florentine Awnings
  • Based on the Convertible Awning
  • Guide rails connected flush to the wall
  • Pivot arms can be slid up and down the rails once the Awning is out, to allow more clearance under the awning
  • Ideal for doorways and balconies.

Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds
Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds
  • Keep areas warm in winter & cool in summer.
  • Enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season!
  • Pull down and push up! It’s that EASY.
  • Sun, wind, rain and UV protection
  • Hi-tech solar fabric: sun and UV protection
  • Quality fabrics & materials: strength & wind resistance
  • Spring or motorised operation
  • Customised pelmets give added protection & premium look
  • No Zips, No Ropes, No Straps, No Buckles
 Smart Guide™ Outdoor Blinds
Smart Guide™ Outdoor Blinds
  • Pull down and push up or motorise! It’s that EASY to protect yourself from the elements with Smart Guide™ track guided blind system.
  • Specially designed tracks on both sides of the blind enable the fabric to glide smoothly and easily – stopping anywhere you want!
  • All Smart Guide™ outdoor blinds come with a slimline hooded cassette for added protection and a stylish minimal look
  • One size cassette fits all, so no need to worry about matching hood sizes depending on the size of the blind.
  • One size bottom rail strong enough to accommodate all widths.
  • Simple trouble free robust bottom rail locks that are designed for all-weather.
  • Fabric tube reducers to minimise the fabric from building up from the side zip, therefore ensuring the fabric rolls as symmetrically as possible.
  • No visible side or bottom spline, offering a more pleasing aspect, unlike some other systems
  • Competitively priced due to its minimal components and uncomplicated locking system
Batten Straight Drop Awnings
Batten Straight Drop Awnings
  • Timber batten at the top
  • Operated by rope and pulley around the bottom roller
  • Rolls from the bottom as it is raised
  • Better fabric coverage: covers the total width of the Awning, smaller gaps on the sides
  • Multiple Awnings can be linked with zippers making this system ideal of outdoor dining areas
  • Can also be made with a sloping top, allowing total coverage on sloping verandahs.
Channel Stop
Channel Stop
  • Spring operated top roller and side channels which guide the Awning in the drop
  • Glides freely up and down and may be locked in various positions
  • Channels are available in white, black, primrose and mill (can be powder coated)
  • This Awning is ideal for verandahs and decks.
Straight Drop Roller
Straight Drop Roller
  • Uses a top roller
  • Operated via a rope and spool that raises and lowers awning
  • Basic system will cover maximum widths of 3900mm with maximum drop of 2700mm.
Gear Operated Straight Drop
Straight Drop Crank Awnings
  • Recommended for sizes outside the maximum specifications for Convertible Straight Drop
  • This Awning uses a 63mm top and can span widths up to 5500mm.
  • Option of motorising
Wire Guide Awning
Wire Guide Awning
  • Stainless Steel tension wire guides allows close fitting Awnings to move up and down on the wire guide
  • Ideal for widows that require close fitting application and verandahs
  • Can either be gear operated(ground floor) or motorised for high fitting situations or for your comfort.
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