Venetian Blinds

    Venetian blinds come in standard sizes, but you can order custom sizes and colours to fit non-standard windows.

    Available Venetian Blind Types

    When it comes to window coverings, you deserve both style and functionality. At Apollo Blinds, we offer a stunning range of Venetian blinds to suit every taste and need. Whether you crave the natural warmth and timeless beauty of wooden Venetians, the lightweight durability and easy maintenance of aluminium Venetians, or the cost-effective elegance of faux wood Venetians, we have the perfect match for your home.

    Blinds Maintenance

    Love the timeless look of Venetian blinds but worried about cleaning hassles? Relax! At Apollo, we offer stunning blinds that are surprisingly easy to maintain and keep clean, leaving you more time to enjoy their beauty.

    Product Range

    Live in the land of endless sunshine and scorching summers? Don’t let the heat dictate your comfort or style. At Apollo Blinds, we proudly offer aluminium Venetian blinds specifically designed to conquer the harsh Australian climate. That’s right, durability and style don’t have to compromise!

    Australia’s vibrant climate can be both a blessing and a challenge. Here at Apollo Blinds, we understand the need for window coverings that not only look stunning but also withstand the harsh elements. That’s why we proudly offer Smartwood® Venetian Blinds, specifically designed to conquer the scorching sun, humidity, and even termites.

    The Australian climate throws a lot at your windows – blazing sun, relentless heat, even the occasional downpour. At Apollo Blinds, we understand the need for window coverings that not only look beautiful but can handle anything the Outback throws their way. That’s why we proudly offer Timber Venetian Blinds, crafted from premium hardwoods to bring timeless warmth and unwavering strength to your home.

    Note On The Sizing

    Remember: it’s important to measure your windows carefully to have a perfect fit. Usually, they come in standard sizes, but you can order customed sizes to fit non-standard windows. The length of the blinds typically ranges from 150 cm to 240 cm. If the window is quite larger or longer, Apollo Blinds have custom fabrication for the sizes. If you are sure to measure both the width and length of your window as well as the depth of the recess, to ensure a perfect fit.

    Need Assistance In Buying One?

    We do have friendly customer service team that is always available to assist you with any questions regarding blinds and other window furnishings. Experience our easy ordering process, fast service, and quality products that will give you a no-hassle point on getting your best blinds online for your home or office.

    Venetian Blinds Brochure

    Venetian Blinds: Light Control in Style. This handy guide unveils how Venetian blinds can bring both beauty and functionality to your windows. Explore our materials and colors to find the perfect fit, and discover how these blinds can elevate any room in your home.

    Call Your Local Apollo Agent

    Please call your local Apollo Blinds Specialist and they will be able to assist you with your selection of colours and styles of Blinds Awnings and Shutters to suit your home or business.

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