Wire Guide Awnings

With motorised awnings, you can control your awnings with the touch of a button, from anywhere in your home.

    Wire Guide Awnings

    Wire guide awnings are a type of awning that uses a system of wires and pulleys to guide the fabric up and down. They are a popular choice for outdoor areas such as patios, balconies, and decks, as they provide shade, privacy, and protection from the elements.

    Wire Mesh

    Features of Motorised Wire Guide Awnings

    Wire Guide Awnings Colours Available

    Acrylic (Dickson)

    Mesh (Vistaweave 95)

    Canvas (Brella Uno Vogue Linear)

    Frequently Asked Questions on Product

    Wire Guide Awnings are a type of retractable awning that uses sturdy steel cables instead of traditional tracks to guide the fabric. These cables provide smooth operation and excellent stability, making them ideal for windy areas.

    Superior wind resistance: The steel cables offer outstanding wind resistance, making them a reliable choice for areas prone to strong gusts.

    Unobstructed view: Unlike traditional track awnings, the cables offer a virtually unobstructed view beneath the awning, allowing you to enjoy the scenery without visual barriers.

    Sleek and modern design: The minimalist cable system creates a clean and contemporary look, enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

    Durable and low-maintenance: The simple design with few moving parts makes Wire Guide Awnings highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.

    Versatility: They are suitable for various applications, including patios, balconies, pergolas, and even commercial spaces.

    The fabric of the awning is attached to the steel cables, which run through pulleys and are tensioned by a crank mechanism. This allows for smooth extension and retraction of the awning with minimal effort.

    While the steel cables offer superior wind resistance and a unique aesthetic, they can be slightly more expensive than traditional track awnings. However, the increased durability and low maintenance needs can offset the initial cost in the long run.

    Due to the use of steel cables, the installation process for Wire Guide Awnings might be slightly more complex than regular awnings. It’s recommended to seek professional installation to ensure proper tensioning and optimal performance.

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