Available Awning Colours

See all Apollo's awnings and ranges that will definitely match your indoor and outdoor areas.

See all The Colours Available For Awnings

At Apollo Blinds, we offer a wide variety of awning colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your home. Our awnings are available in a variety of solid colours, stripes, and patterns, so you can find the style that is perfect for your taste.

Elements 5%

Elements 1%


Beige & Brown

Resolutely timeless, natural tones have shifted towards taupe hues. Browns have been reworked with a sophisticated eye to produce designs such as Color Block Brown where regular hints of beige bring the surface to life.

Yellow & Orange

Sunny colours create a warm ambiance under the awning for unrivalled luminosity.

Red & Pink

Any shade of red is suitable for façades when paired with colours that softens its impact, such as white, grey or another neutral shade. Red also works well with warm tones like orange.


Blue is easy to match. It goes with practically any colour, light or dark.


Green is a soothing colour that procures a sense of peace and serenity. It adds a note of freshness and well-being to any terrace.


The jacquard fabrics provide an insight into the skill and expertise offered by Dickson: its in-house design team monitors the latest trends to create these graphic fabrics in pastel and powdered hues.

Its Brush and Constellation fabrics reflect nearly 200 years of yarn and weaving proficiency.

Much more than patterns, they bear witness both to its manual and machine work, and weaving effects developed
especially to appeal to our senses.


Up or down ?

Because our Jacquard designs are based on a double interplay of colours, your fabric takes on a different aspect depending on whether you are above or below it.


The professional collection by Dickson® is designed to meet specific sun protection needs. Dickson has developed
a fabric with unique properties.

With Orchestra Max, Dickson provides an effective solution for professionals and private customers whose fabric is expected to be exposed to climatic variations and pollution

Orchestra Max


Mesh (Vistaweave Range)

When selecting your screening fabric, consider the colours on your exterior such as the roof, guttering, bricks and other finishes. Every colour in the Vistaweave range will work harmoniously with the COLORBONIX exterior palette. Whether you like a contrasting look using opposing colours, a similar tone for a subtle variation or an exact match for a uniform finish, the Vistaweave Colour range can provide endless possibilities. Be creative and transform your outdoors.

Colorbond – Night Sky

Colorbond – Dune

Colorbond – Ironstone

Colorbond – Classic Cream

Colorbond – Woodland Grey

Vistaweave 95

Vistaweave 95 is a versatile woven mesh designed for blinds, awnings and general outdoor applications. The unique weave combines a functional solution for solar protection with a stylish textured appearance. Designed for Australian conditions. Vistaweave 95 will create privacy from the outside without compromising the visual aspect.

Vistaweave 95

Vistaweave – 99

Vistaweave 99 is a heavy duty woven mesh designed for blinds. awnings and general outdoor applications. The high density weave provides exceptional solar protection and visual privacy.

Designed for Australian conditions. Vistaweave 99 will provide a functional solution when privacy screening is paramount.

Vistaweave Max

Vistaweave – Stripe

Vistaweave Stripe is a versatile woven mesh designed for blinds, awnings and general outdoor applications. The selection of traditional and contemporary stripes provide design options for both residential and commercial applications. Vistaweave Stripe will create privacy without compromising the visual aspect.

Vistaweave – Stripe

Somerton® Acrylic – Plains

Somerton® Acrylic – Stripes

Somerton® Canvas – Plains

Somerton® Canvas – Stripes