Available Awning Colours

Available Awning Colours

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Acrylic fabric (Dickson Range) << Click to Fullscreen

For all Awnings (except Ziptrak)

For Convertible, Florentine, Casement, Automatic Lock Arm, Flexi Fit System 2000 Pivot Arm, Flexi Fit System 2000 Automatic lock Arm, Folding Arm Awning, Canopy Awning, Crank/Gear Straight Drop Awning, Café Awning, Batten Straight Drop, Wire Cable Guide, Channel Stop, Shop front Awning


Basalt Chine U095 Black 6028 BS Black and White C022 BS Grey 8907 BS Slate 8922 Carbone U171 Chalk Tweed U389 Charcoal Tweed 7330 Color Block Black D330 Craft Grey D328 Flanelle U104 Grey 6088 Grey Tweed U190 Lead Chine 8396 Macadam Tweed U373 Manosque Dark Grey D108 Manosque- Grey D309 Marble U409 Naples Dark Grey D308 Naples Grey D113 Naples Light Grey D304 Pencil Dark Grey D319 Pencil Grey D320 Pewter 7552 Platinum U407 Sienne Dark Grey 8931 Slate 8203 Steel U406 Stone 6196 Titanium U408 Wide Chine Grey D298

Beige & Brown


Resolutely timeless, natural tones have shifted towards taupe hues. Browns have been reworked with a sophisticated eye to produce designs such as Color Block Brown where regular hints of beige bring the surface to life.

Beige 8902 Beige Tweed U189 Brownie U224 Clay U387 Color Block Brown D334 Dune 0681 Gazelle Tweed U140 Gypsum U335 Hardelot Beige 8935 Heather Chine 8779 Linen 8904 Manosque Beige D103 Mink Tweed U137 Mocha U410 Naples Heather D305 Naples Hemp D306 Naples Linen D307 Natural 7133 Papyrus Tweed U370 Pencil Beige D324 Raw 6020 Sienne Beige D100 Suede U337 Taupe 7559 Thatch U235 White 0001

Yellow & Orange


Sunny colours create a warm ambiance under the awning for unrivalled luminosity.

Alabaster Tweed U136 BS Yellow 8553 Color Block Orange D332 Color Block Yellow D333 Gold U105 Hardelot Yellow 8612 Honey U414 Maize U415 Manosque Yellow D107 Orange 0018 Pearl 7972 Pumpkin U143 Wide Chine Yellow D300 Yellow 6316

Red & Pink


Any shade of red is suitable for façades when paired with colours that softens its impact, such as white, grey or another neutral shade. Red also works well with warm tones like orange.

Burgundy 8206 Carmine U411 Color Block Red D335 Craft Red D329 Paris Red 3914 Red 0020 Sienne Red 8211



Blue is easy to match. It goes with practically any colour, light or dark.

Azure U388 BS Blue 8910 BS Navy 8556 Color Block Blue D331 Craft Blue D327 Deep Navy 8238 Ocean Blue 7264 Pencil Blue D321 Pepper U343 Royal Blue 0017



Green is a soothing colour that procures a sense of peace and serenity. It adds a note of freshness and well-being to any terrace.

Amande 7244 Fern U321 Forest Green 6687 Hardelot Green 8614 Larch U417 Manosque Green D104 Pencil Green D322



The jacquard fabrics provide an insight into the skill and expertise offered by Dickson: its in-house design team monitors the latest trends to create these graphic fabrics in pastel and powdered hues.

Its Brush and Constellation fabrics reflect nearly 200 years of yarn and weaving proficiency.

Much more than patterns, they bear witness both to its manual and machine work, and weaving effects developed
especially to appeal to our senses.


Up or down ?

Because our Jacquard designs are based on a double interplay of colours, your fabric takes on a different aspect depending on whether you are above or below it.

Brush Beige J169 Brush Carbon J172 Brush Grey J171 Brush Hemp J170 Constellation Beige J179 Constellation Blue J180 Constellation Curry J177 Constellation Grey J178



The professional collection by Dickson® is designed to meet specific sun protection needs. Dickson has developed
a fabric with unique properties.

With Orchestra Max, Dickson provides an effective solution for professionals and private customers whose fabric is expected to be exposed to climatic variations and pollution.


Orchestra Max


Black 6028 BrowniE u224 BurgunDY 8206 Carbone u171 Clay u387 Dune 0681 FlanellE u104 Forest green 6687 Forest green 6687 Heather chIne 8779 LEaD chine 8396 Maize U415 Marble ul409 NapleS Dark Grey d308 Naples grEy d113 Naples Linen d307 NaturaL 7133 Ocean bluE 7264 Pumpkin u413 Raw 6020 Red 3914 Sienne Dark Grey 8931 Slate 8203 Slate 8203 Stone 6196 Taupe 7559 White 0001


001-White 002-Fawn 003-Yellow 007-Marine-Blue 037-Cappuccino 060-Burgundy 061-Natural 064-Lime 067-Grey 072-Heritage-Green 077-Navy 079-Bark 081-Desert-Sand 084-Sapphire 086-Toffee 097-Charcoal 113-Brown-Tweed 114-Pepper 181-Lemon 184-Paprika 197-Linen 198-Nutmeg 675-Light-Grey-Tweed 676-Dark-Grey-Tweed 683-Flame Docril-011 Docril-012 Docril-014 Docril-017 Docril-028 Docril-140 Docril-165 Docril-172 Docril-228 Docril-231 Docril-234 Docril-317 Docril-319 Docril-322 Docril-323 Docril-331 Docril-361 Docril-362 Docril-407 Docril-408 Docril-430 Docril-431 Docril-432 Docril-447 Docril-501 Docril-502 Docril-504 Docril-558 Docril-664 Docril-669 Docril-670

Mesh (Vistaweave Range)<< Click to Fullscreen


When selecting your screening fabric, consider the colours on your exterior such as the roof, guttering, bricks and other finishes. Every colour in the Vistaweave range will work harmoniously with the COLORBONIX exterior palette. Whether you like a contrasting look using opposing colours, a similar tone for a subtle variation or an exact match for a uniform finish, the Vistaweave Colour range can provide endless possibilities. Be creative and transform your outdoors.

Colorbond – Night Sky


Night Sky Basalt Night Sky Caramel Night Sky Classic Cream Night Sky Ebony Night Sky Storm

Colorbond – Dune


Dune Dune Charcoal Dune Ironstone Dune Jasper Dune Snow

Colorbond – Iron stone


Ironstone Ironstone Dune Ironstone Ebony Ironstone Storm Ironstone Windspray

Colorbond – Classic Cream


Classic Cream Classic Cream Caramel Classic Cream Ebony Classic Cream Ironstone Classic Cream Paperbark

Colorbond – Woodland Grey


Woodland Grey Woodland Grey Dune Woodland Grey Shale Grey Woodland Grey Snow Woodland Grey Windspray

Vistaweave 95


Vistaweave 95 is a versatile woven mesh designed for blinds, awnings and general outdoor applications. The unique weave combines a functional solution for solar protection with a stylish textured appearance. Designed for Australian conditions. Vistaweave 95 will create privacy from the outside without compromising the visual aspect.

  • * Reduces heat transmission
  • * Improves air-conditioning efficiencies
  • * Provides UVR protection
  • * Reduces glare in direct sunlight
  • * Provides privacy without compromising the view
  • * Allows moderate flow of fresh air
  • * Mildew and salt water resistant
  • * Supported with a five year warranty
  • * Environmentally friendly
  • * Comprehensive colour offering inspired by Colorbond

Vistaweave 95 Ash Grey Vistaweave 95 Basalt Vistaweave 95 Cappuccino Vistaweave 95 Caramel Vistaweave 95 Charcoal Vistaweave 95 Charcoal Vistaweave 95 Classic Cream Vistaweave 95 Cobalt Vistaweave 95 Cocoa Vistaweave 95 Congo Vistaweave 95 Copper Vistaweave 95 Dune Vistaweave 95 Ebony Vistaweave 95 Fed Green Vistaweave 95 Flint Vistaweave 95 Grecian Gold Vistaweave 95 Green Tea Vistaweave 95 GunmetalVistaweave 95 Ironstone Vistaweave 95 Jasper Vistaweave 95 Mist Vistaweave 95 Oyster Vistaweave 95 Paperbark Vistaweave 95 Pepper Vistaweave 95 Pewter Vistaweave 95 Porcelain Vistaweave 95 Shale Grey Vistaweave 95 Snow Vistaweave 95 Steel Blue Vistaweave 95 Storm Vistaweave 95 Surfmist Vistaweave 95 Taupe Vistaweave 95 Wallaby Vistaweave 95 Windspray Vistaweave 95 Woodland Grey

Vistaweave – 99


Vistaweave 99 is a heavy duty woven mesh designed for blinds. awnings and general outdoor applications. The high density weave provides exceptional solar protection and visual privacy.

Designed for Australian conditions. Vistaweave 99 will provide a functional solution when privacy screening is paramount.

vistaweave 99 Cappuccino Vistaweave 99 Caramel Vistaweave 99 Charcoal Vistaweave 99 Classic Cream Vistaweave 99 Ebony Vistaweave 99 Ebony Vistaweave 99 Paperbark Vistaweave 99 Storm Vistaweave 99 Woodland Grey

Vistaweave – Stripe


Vistaweave Stripe is a versatile woven mesh designed for blinds, awnings and general outdoor applications.
The selection of traditional and contemporary stripes provide design options for both residential and commercial
applications. Vistaweave Stripe will create privacy without compromising the visual aspect.

  • * Reduces heat transmission
  • * Improves air-conditioning efficiencies
  • * Provides UVR protection
  • * Eliminates glare in direct sunlight
  • * Allows moderate flow of fresh air
  • * Mildew and salt water resistant
  • * Supported with a five year warranty
  • * Environmentally friendly
Vistaweave Stripe T044
Vistaweave Stripe T113
Vistaweave Stripe T115
Vistaweave Stripe T232
Vistaweave Stripe T294
Vistaweave Stripe T893

Mesh (Outlook Design)

605-Ironbark 618-Wanda 625-Palm-Beach 636-Stradbroke 642-Gumleaf 644-Nambucca 648-Daintree 654-Tundra 672-Federation 678-Castaway

Mesh (Outlook Mode Colours)

503-Deep Sea 504-Spice 505-Silver Sky 508-Nougat 509-Flint 510-Moonlight 511-Macchiato 517-Chalk 526-Greystone 529-Wheat 533-Mocha 544-Eclipse 551-Ash 553-Blackstone 559-Forest-Green 564-Platinum 566-Alpaca 575-Marzipan 597-Maroon

Mesh (Outlook Mode Privacy)

For those wintery days with cool breezes, rain, and wind, the Outlook Mode Privacy is your optimum solution for the perfect external blind and awning. The Outlook Mode Privacy range comes in 10 colour options and is Greenguard® Gold certified. Now you can enjoy your outdoor areas shielded from the winter elements!

Why use Mode Privacy during winter?

    • * Provides outdoor comfort and indoor climate control
    • * Provides energy saving, as the fabric does not allow the heat to escape – perfect for those cold days
    • * Protects from the wind and rain while you still enjoy your outside view
    • * Exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions
    • * Expand and shield outdoor living spaces

Mode Privacy 401 Gunmetal Mode Privacy 402 Chestnut Mode Privacy 406 Desert Mode Privacy 407 Black Opal Mode Privacy 408 Shadow Mode Privacy 409 Colorado Mode Privacy 410 Cotton Mode Privacy 400 Ebony Mode Privacy 404 Paperbark Mode Privacy 403 Storm

Mesh (Outlook Mode Textures)

900 Milky Topaz 901 Golden Glow 902 Havana 903 Smokey Quartz  905 Peppermint 906 Blue Zircon 907 Aniseed  909 Stucco


Clear PVC

For Crank/Gear Straight Drop Awnings, Batten Straight Drop, Ziptrak

Clear Smoke Tint

Contemporary clear PVC for both internal and external applications
      • UV Stabilised
      • Proven Field Performance
      • Non-Stick Formulation
      • High Clarity
      • Two year Warranty



For all Awnings (except Folding Arm Awnings and Ziptrak)
All Our Canvas Fabrics Feature: Environmentally friendly, All natural water based Weather Proofing Solution Technology.

Canvas (Brella) << Click to Fullscreen


(Brella Classic)
Cosmopolitan C307 Cosmopolitan C309 Cosmopolitan C316 Duotone D112 Duotone D401 Duotone D404 Impression I282
Revival R194 Stylemaster S216  Stylemaster S285

Canvas (Brella Classic Ho)

Cosmopolitan C310 Cosmopolitan C322 Duotone DB29 Impression I226 Impression I228 Impression I303 Impression I320 Revival R129 Revival R202 Revival R203 Revival R206 Revival R292 Stylemaster S278 Stylemaster S304 Stylemaster S319 Cosmopolitan C306 Acclaim A273 Acclaim A300 Acclaim A315

Canvas (Brella Uno-Vogue/ Linear)

Beige Black Blue Flint Burgundy Burnt Chilli Cinnamon Coffee Cream Dune Gun Metal Marsala (Linear) Ocean (Linear) Oyster Rust Sandstone Silver Grey 

Canvas (Barrington Artisan)

Barrington-Artisan-300-Kurri Kurri  Barrington-Artisan-302-Meridan Barrington-Artisan-303-Normandy Barrington-Artisan-304-Branford Barrington-Artisan-305-Malibu Barrington-Artisan-306-Esperance Barrington-Artisan-307-Braxton Barrington-Artisan-308-Juniper Barrington-Artisan-309-Sangria Barrington-Artisan-310-Tuscany Barrington-Artisan-311-Fairhaven Barrington-Artisan-312-Rutherford Barrington-Artisan-314-Banksia Barrington-Artisan-315-Shalimar Barrington-Artisan-316-Hampton Barrington-Artisan-317-Twilight Barrington-Artisan-318-Glacier   Barrington-Artisan-321-Santorini  

Canvas (Barrington Colours)

Barrington-200-Hazelnut Barrington-201-Midnight Barrington-202-Merlot  Barrington-204-Monsoon Barrington-205-Canyon Barrington-206-Coffee Barrington-208-Federation Barrington-209-Minnow Barrington-210-Alabaster  Barrington-212-Admiral Barrington-213-Sandcastle Barrington-214-Bluestone Barrington-215-Sterling  Barrinton-207-Alpine

Canvas (Barrington Jubilee)

Barrington-Jubilee-100-Asana Barrington-Jubilee-101-Freemont Barrington-Jubilee-102-Soho Barrington-Jubilee-103-Maison Barrington-Jubilee-104-Florence Barrington-Jubilee-105-Bandon Barrington-Jubilee-106-Savannah Barrington-Jubilee-107-Logan

  • Premium grade poly-cotton canvas fabric
  • APEO & solvent free (Eco-friendly)
  • Abrasion resistant canvas fabric print
  • Durable, mould, stain & mildew resistant
  • Easy wipe clean low maintenance
  • High Opacity Fabric Block-out Protection
  • Premium colour fade resistant pigmentation
  • Extra wide Fabric width 2200mm
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