Available Awning Colours

Available Awning Colours

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Acrylic fabric

For all Awnings (except Ziptrak)

For Convertible, Florentine, Casement, Automatic Lock Arm, Flexi Fit System 2000 Pivot Arm, Flexi Fit System 2000 Automatic lock Arm, Folding Arm Awning, Canopy Awning, Crank/Gear Straight Drop Awning, Café Awning, Batten Straight Drop, Wire Cable Guide, Channel Stop, Shop front Awning

Navy ModeColours 507 Bamboo Nougat ModeColours 509 Flint Moonlight ModeColours 511 Macchiato ModeColours 514 CaramelCream ModeColours 517 Chalk MD Almond MD Greystone ModeColours 529 Wheat ModeColours 533 Mocha ModeColours 536 Stucco ModeColours 543 Stone ModeColours 544 Eclipse ModeColours 551 Ash ModeColours 553 Blackstone ModeColours 555 BronzeModeColours 559 ForestGreen ModeColours 564 Platinum ModeColours 565 ArticBlue Alpaca Porcelain Marzipan Celadon Maroon Ebony Gunmetal Chestnut ModePrivacy 403Storm PaperbarkHoney

Collection of superior grade acrylic fabrics. Brilliant, versatile textiles offer flexibility in solar protection applications, from contemporary commercial façades and canopies to more traditional domestic awnings. Solution dyed for optimal UV protection, excellent water and micro-organism resistance. Special finishing treatments ensure long life and easy maintenance. Acrylic fabrics possess exceptional mechanical resistance to stretching, shrinking and tearing. With a rigorous commitment to strict quality control, Sauleda back all products with an unmatched 10 year fabric replacement guarantee.

  • Construction: 100% solution dyed acrylic
  • Surface Finish: Teflon


Ironbark Uluru Sorrento Wanda Kingston PalmBeach Eucalyptus Stradbroke Blackheath Gumleaf 644 NambuccaDaintree Tundra Modena  Federation Castaway Coonawarra Napoleon LindemanKeswick Acclaim Acclaim Acclaim Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan DuotoneDuotone Duotone Duotone Duotone Impression I282 Impression I302 Impression I318 Marley Oulookfusion 805Aspen Revival R194 StyleMaster S216 StyleMaster S232 StyleMaster S285

For all awnings (except Folding Arm Awnings)

For sun control, cool breezes and uninterrupted views, these acrylic fabrics are the optimum window covering solution.

  • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 99%
  • Protect from the sun while you still enjoy your outside view
  • Unique weave lets you view from the inside out, but not the outside in
  • Allow light and cool breezes to filter through
  • Exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • Fire retardant
  • Greenguard indoor air quality certified
  • Microban antimicrobial protection from stain causing bacteria, mould and mildew

Basalt Goldstone Granite Onyx Pebble Sahara Sandstone Sapphire Uluru

PVC Coated, high tensile polyester woven. It isis the ultimate solution for all your outdoor needs. Innovative new 2×2 tight weave technology offers “enhanced” sun and weather control solutions for all your window awnings, patio, pergola & drop blinds, screens, canopies, light weight sails & umbrellas. “Peace of mind” Self Extinguishing fire resistance & high abrasion capabilities.

Greater versatility & vision

  • 2 x 2 heavy gauge yarn
  • 1% openness
  • UV-R blockout 99%
  • Rain & Wind Block 99%
  • Reduces Glare
  • Self Extinguishing
  • Print capable as part of the HVG printable mesh range
  • Safeguarding Health

Arizona Bondi Carbonblack Everest Evergreen Icewhite Ivory Jamaica Kashmir Neptune Paperbark Titangrey

2×2 heavy gauge yarn offers greater versatility for all your awning, patio, pergola & drop blinds, screens, caravan awning walls, marine canopies, light weight sails & umbrellas. Fire rated and abrasion resistant

Greater versatility & vision

  • UV-R blockout from 92-94%
  • Wind block in excess of 96%
  • Rain block in excess of 97%
  • Fire rated to AS1530
  • Print capable as part of the HVG printable mesh range

Clear PVC

For Crank/Gear Straight Drop Awnings, Batten Straight Drop, Ziptrak

White transparent White transparent Smoke Bronze transparent Charcoal transparent

Contemporary clear PVC for both internal and external applications
  • UV-R Blockout from 92-98 %
  • UPF all over 50%
  • High Shade factors on all tints & clears
  • Minimal Shrinkage with cold crack additives
  • Fire rated options to meet commercial building codes
  • Widht: 1370mm
  • Thickness: 0.75mm
  • Specification and cleaning data sheets available


For all Awnings (except Folding Arm Awnings and Ziptrak)
All Our Canvas Fabrics Feature: Environmentally friendly, All natural water based Weather Proofing Solution Technology.

  • Premium grade poly-cotton canvas fabric
  • APEO & solvent free (Eco-friendly)
  • Abrasion resistant canvas fabric print
  • Durable, mould, stain & mildew resistant
  • Easy wipe clean low maintenance
  • High Opacity Fabric Block-out Protection
  • Premium colour fade resistant pigmentation
  • Extra wide Fabric width 2200mm

Poly / Cotton

For all Awnings (except Folding Arm Awnings and Ziptrak)

Cottage green Deep ocean Head land Iron stone Jasper Manor red Monument Night sky Stone Summershade Surfmist"" Wheat Wilderness Windspray Woodland grey

Quality Australian Made fabrics, proudly environmentally friendly, durable with water, mildew & stain resistant qualities. Wilson’s “New Traditions” Awning Fabric Matched to Colorbond colours, so customers can match and coordinate their awning fabrics to their roof and window frames or any surface that they have painted with a COLORBOND® colour.

Made in Australia for the tough Australian Conditions


Colours matched to COLORBOND® colours.
  • Composition: Poly / Cotton
  • Water Resistant, Stain Resistant, UV Resistant
  • Used for Projection Awnings, Dutch Canpy & Fixed Frame
  • Construction: 50/50 poly/cotton plain weave
  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF):50+
  • Water Resistance (Hydrostatic Head): 8.6 Kpav
  • Wide Width Awnings – 2800mm
  • Quality Poly-Cotton Fabrics
  • Stock Supported
  • Matched to COLORBOND
  • UPF 50+ Excellent UV Protection
  • Stain & Water Resistant
  • Mold, Midew and Rot Resistant
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