Cash & Carry

We deliver as well! Give us a call today and we will arrange it for you!

Ask our team members to cut them for you based on your specific measurements. Simply put, we can make your purchase seamless and take the worry and stress out of the entire process. At Apollo we care about you.
Note : Our cash and carry service is also available from our Selected Regional Agencies

Apollo Cash & Carry is a system of trading in which goods are sold from our factory outlet and are available to the public to either pick up at our store or we can deliver the blinds to your home or business. Either way the clients typically settle the invoice on the spot in cash or by credit card.If you wish you can phone us RIGHT NOW on 132 899 and ask one of the Apollo team members for any further information. You are also welcome to come to our premises and visit our showroom in 3 / 172 Silverwater Road Silverwater NSW 2128, to choose from our wide selection of wide selection of tailored blinds, subject to availability.

Cash & Carry Process

  • To purchase a product from the cash & carry range just use the process listed below:
  • Using our online measuring guide, please carefully measure your windows first.
  • Then choose the style of the blinds you believe will suit you and the environment they will be installed in and write these details down making sure that you have your measurements and any other information handy, so that we may be able to assist you further when you either call us or visit us in person.
  • Define the windows you wish to cover; are they facing the sun? are they recessed in concrete? brick or wood etc… This is important as you may require different types of product and fittings to suit.
  • Once you have this entire information ready, please use a contact method below to suit your preference.



  • Accurate measuring is very important. Attention to detail is very important when measuring for blinds. Here are some helpful hints:
  • Measure width in three places – top middle and bottom. Make sure you measure as close to the top as possible.
  • Measure drop in three places – left, centre and right side.
  • Look for obstructions – window locks, fins, alarm sensors etc…
  • Write measurements onto pad, rather than straight onto order form. This allows you to double check measurements as well as check your opening sizes against your make sizes
  • Take the time to check your measurements before leaving the home. Sure this may cost you some time but it could save you money and reputation. There is an old adage – “Measure twice and cut once”. The few extra minutes required to check you measurements will pay you dividends.


NB: Not all products require the smallest measurement. The following chart gives a snap shot of requirements for different products.


VENETIANS Reveal:3 width and 3 drop measurements, take smallest of each
Face Architrave: 
Top measurement on architrave, shortest drop. On brick, to customers requirements
VERTICALS Reveal:Top measurement for width, smallest drop
Face Architrave: 
Measure Architrave width or opening if brick and add (where possible) 100mm either side for coverage width and smallest drop if to floor. If to bottom of window add at least 100mm (where possible) to drop size.
Face Brick: 
Measure opening width and add 100mm each side (where possible). Measure opening Drop add 100mm(if possible ) at top. Add 100mm (if possible) at bottom if not going to floor or ledge.
ROMAN SHADES Reveal: Smallest width and drop
Face: As required
ROLLER BLINDS Reveal: Width, measurement at top, and longest drop
Face Architrave: Architrave width at top and longest drop
Face Brick: Opening size + at least 50mm (where possible ) each side. Drop Measure opening and add 50mm for roller to sit above window opening
PANEL GLIDES Reveal: Width at top, shortest drop
Face: Width as required, shortest drop
SHUTTERS Reveal: Shortest width and drop
Face: Width as required, shortest drop
ROLLER SHUTTERS Reveal: Smallest width, longest drop
AWNINGS Face Brick: As required. For cladded or fibro walls beware fixing limitations. Face Architrave: Measure architrave width at top and drop as required
Reveal: Measure width at top and longest drop

Cash & Carry System at Apollo Blinds