Enduragard™ Motorised Roller Shutters

Enduragard™ Motorised Roller Shutters

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There are 3 good reasons why you should motorise your roller shutters:

  • Convenience: the remote control enables you to install roller shutters in hard to access areas around the home.
  • Multifunctional: have the choice to control multiple Roller Shutters at once with 1 controller (up to 15 Roller Shutters). This will save you time without having you to go from window to window to raise or lower each shutter individually.
  • Easy to operate: with a remote control or a wall switch by a touch of a button.
Radio Tubular 240v Motor (DM 45R – 40/15)

Radio Tubular 240v Motor

The key points to consider when motorising your roller shutters are:

  • Enduragard™ Motorised Roller Shutters are automatically controlled by either a hand held remote controller, a wall mounted switch or a key chain remote.
  • Roller Shutters that are 4sqm in Height are required to be motorised.
  • Control side is inside looking out.
  • Minimum width 600mm.
  • Superior 240V Motorisation.
  • It is also compatible with MaxiSMART remotes and Wi-Fi bridge.

Hand Held Remote

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