Motorised Folding Arm Awnings

Motorised Folding Arm Awnings

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Folding Arm Awnings

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor

Wind detection in 3 dimensions

Efficient measurement of wind impact on awning structure with detection of horizontal, vertical and lateral oscillations.

Failure alert

Each hour, automatic retraction of the awning in case of sensor functional problem.

Auto save function

Avoid any accidental retraction of the awning when replacing batteries.

Intelligent sensor

Recalls last information to adapt its behaviour in case of windy days (anti yo-yo effect).

Intuitive programming

Simply shakes the awning to record sensibility threshold.

Sun & WindSensors
Sun & Wind Sensors
  • This is a combined sensor that measures both level of sun as well as the level of wind. This type of sensor offers you the ultimate in automation allowing protection of furniture and reducing heating costs in your home.
Rain Sensor
Rain Sensor
  • Rain sensor is ideal for situations where an awning cannot be installed with a steep pitch. An adequate pitch (angle) is essential to allow rain to run off the awning. If the angle is too shallow, rain pools on the awning and stretches the fabric.
  • A rain sensor automatically retracts the awning when it begins to rain, which prevents pooling.
Product Care & Operating Instruction

    Motion and wind sensors are not a guaranty to protect your awning from damage, things like where the awning is installed how exposed it is all play a part, what is the sensitivity set on the sensor also these items have a delay to react it also takes time for the motor to fully retract if in doubt of the weather conditions you should not leave the awning out unattended.

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