Florentine Awnings

Florentine Awnings

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This is based on the Convertible Awning. It has guide rails connected flush to the wall. Pivot arms can be slid up and down the rails once the Awning is out, to allow more clearance under the awning. This is ideal for doorways and balconies.

Florentine Awnings
Florentine Awnings Schema

Available colours for Florentine Awnings

Acrylic (Dickson)

Natural 7133 Papyrus Tweed U370 Pencil Beige D324 Raw 6020 Sienne Beige D100 Suede U337 Taupe 7559 Thatch U235 White 0001 Alabaster Tweed U136 BS Yellow 8553
(see all samples and specifications)

Mesh (Vistaweave 95)

Vistaweave 95 Cocoa Vistaweave 95 Congo Vistaweave 95 Copper Vistaweave 95 Dune Vistaweave 95 Ebony Vistaweave 95 Fed Green Vistaweave 95 Flint Vistaweave 95 Grecian Gold Vistaweave 95 Green Tea Vistaweave 95 GunmetalVistaweave 95 Ironstone
(see all samples and specifications)

Canvas (Barrington Artisan)

Barrington-Artisan-300-Kurri Kurri Barrington-Artisan-301-Tivoli Barrington-Artisan-302-Meridan Barrington-Artisan-303-Normandy Barrington-Artisan-304-Branford Barrington-Artisan-305-Malibu Barrington-Artisan-306-Esperance Barrington-Artisan-307-Braxton
(see all samples and specifications)

Florentine Awnings

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