How to Choose Safe Window Treatments for Your Nursery

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How to Choose Safe Window Treatments for Your Nursery

Published January 31, 2018

Safe Window Treatments

Children love to explore new heights, and climbing curtains is no exception

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You want your nursery to reflect your unique style. You almost picked out a lovely set of floor-length curtains, but then you wondered, ‘What about when my baby starts to explore? Is he going to look at those clown-and-circus animal-adorned curtains as a ladder to climb’? That’s when you walked away from the shopkeeper. Now you’re searching online for safe window treatments for toddlers.

The window treatment professionals at Apollo Blinds have some tips to help you out. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right window treatments when you have young children in your house.

1. Save the Floor-Length Draperies for Later in Your Child’s Life

You made the right decision. Climbing up on the curtains may seem like an adventure to him or her, but it’s one that could land him in the emergency department of your local hospital. Also, many floor length draperies have pull cords—a strangulation risk. Choose a safe window treatment and you’ll have one fewer thing to worry about.

2. Leave the Beads for Later

Children love to chew on brightly coloured, sparkling items. To them, these objects look like delicious candies, making them a choking hazard. Even though you love that beaded valance or trim you want to attach to the roller blinds in your child’s room, wait until your child is old enough to know not to put beads in her or his mouth.

3. Insist on Proper Installation

Unless you or your loved ones have extensive experience in installing window treatments, leave the installation to professionals. With professional window treatment installation, you’ll never have to worry about loose hardware causing a blind casing to fall.

4. Install Child-Safe, Blockout Blinds

Blinds are a great choice for a small child’s room. You can wipe them clean easily, they don’t extend to the floor, and you can dress them up with fabric to match your nursery décor. Even better, you can purchase wand-operated or motorised blinds that take the cord out of the picture. Since excessive heat raises the danger of SIDS in young children, choose blockout blinds or cellular blinds that can keep the sun’s heat away from your child’s room.

5. Keep Your Child’s Crib or Bed Away from the Window

Again, children have no fear of climbing. Even if you choose motorised or wand-operated blinds, the extra height of the crib or the bed can give them a platform on which they can launch their climb. When you place your child’s bed or crib away from the window, you eliminate the climbing risk. When your child is old enough to know not to climb on the window treatments, then you can move the bed closer to the window.

When you follow these tips, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that your child’s room is a safe place to sleep, play, and grow. To explore your nursery décor options with the team of window treatment experts at Zoom Removals, contact them today.

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