Folding Arm Awnings Help You Enjoy Life Outdoors

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Folding Arm Awnings Help You Enjoy Life Outdoors

January 23, 2018

Even when it’s scorching outside, you want to enjoy outdoor living. Folding arm awnings, special awnings made specifically to protect large outdoor areas from the sun’s heat, are a great way to help you and your family enjoy your summer without the scorch. Enjoy picnics, barbecues to your heart’s delight while a folding arm awning shields you from the sun’s harmful rays. No more will you have to move your outdoor chairs and tables around so the sun won’t get in your eyes. With a folding arm awning, your summer may just be the best ever.

On windy days, the arms can retract the awning back onto its roller, keeping the awning safe from damaging winds. On cloudy days on which you don’t need the awning, simply retract it with its arms.

A Whole Range of Options Available

Sensors and motorised operation: Other convenient options are available to make it easier to use your awning to its fullest. Wind sensors can retract the awning automatically when your area experiences high wind speeds—even if you’re not home. Sun sensors, on the other hand, will extend the awning when it’s sunny outside. If you want sun protection without the hassle of extending and retracting them manually or flipping a switch, these sensors are a great option. Rain sensors help protect awnings that you can’t install at a pitch steep enough to allow rain to run off, avoiding harm from pooling water. On awnings installed at a steep angle, you can use the rain sensor to extend the awning when the rain starts to fall, protecting outdoor furniture from the elements. You can also choose sensors that detect both sun and wind at the same time, as well as a motorised version which can connect to the sensors. All of these options can combine for the ultimate in convenience.

Aesthetic options: As for aesthetics, you can order a full-cassette version to conceal the awning’s mechanism inside its headbox for a clean, streamlined look when you retract the awning. Most of the awning’s frame and other working parts come with a protective powder coating that stands up to whatever Mother Nature throws at them. A wide range of colours gives you the option of choosing a colour in a shade that blends well with your home’s exterior.

Folding Arm Awnings Turn a Blank Canvas into an Outdoor Living Space

One of the best advantages of a folding arm awning is its ability to turn a plain concrete patio into an outdoor living space. Visually, it defines the space, allowing the patio floor to ground the area. Add a barbecue or fire pit to gather around, some lovely outdoor furnishings, and you have the perfect place to entertain outdoors. If you move, you can simply take the awnings with you to your new home to enjoy.

With all these advantages—and the heat of the summer well upon us—it’s time for you to consider buying a folding arm awning or two for your home. Enjoy summer—and take a look at Apollo Blinds’ wide range of folding arm awnings today. To learn more about why now might be the best time to buy, contact the sales team at Apollo Blinds today.

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