How to realign your Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Track

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How to realign your Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Track

Published June 14, 2022

Easy instruction on how to realign your Apollo Vertical louvre/slats.


Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Tracks stand out for their functionality and aesthetic appeal. These blinds offer versatility in light control and privacy, but maintaining their proper alignment is crucial for optimal performance. In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps to realign your Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Track, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

Types and Categories of Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Tracks

Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Tracks come in various types, ranging from manual to motorized options. Manual tracks rely on traditional operating mechanisms, such as cords or wands, for adjustment. On the other hand, motorized tracks offer the convenience of remote-controlled or automated operation. Additionally, these blind tracks come in different materials like aluminum, PVC, or fabric, each catering to distinct preferences and interior styles.

Symptoms and Signs of Misaligned Blind Tracks

Detecting misalignment in your Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Track is essential for timely correction. Common signs include difficulty in opening or closing the blinds smoothly, uneven movement of louvres, or unusual noises during operation. These symptoms not only hinder functionality but also indicate potential damage to the track mechanism.

Causes and Risk Factors of Misalignment

Several factors contribute to the misalignment of Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Tracks. Over time, wear and tear from frequent use can lead to track deviations. Improper installation, especially with DIY projects, may result in alignment issues from the start. Moreover, external factors like pets or children accidentally pulling or bending the blinds can disrupt their alignment.

Diagnosis and Tests

Diagnosing misalignment in your blind track involves a visual inspection of the entire mechanism. Look for any visible bends, twists, or obstructions along the track’s length. Additionally, test the movement of the blinds to identify any irregularities in their operation, such as sticking or jerky motions.

Treatment Options for Realignment

Addressing misalignment requires appropriate treatment methods. For minor deviations, manual adjustment procedures can often suffice. This involves carefully realigning the louvres and ensuring they move smoothly along the track. However, for more complex issues or severe misalignment, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from blind installation or repair experts.

Preventive Measures to Maintain Alignment

Preventive maintenance plays a crucial role in preserving the alignment of your Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Track. Regular cleaning and inspection help prevent debris buildup and identify early signs of misalignment. When operating the blinds, handle them gently to avoid unnecessary strain on the track mechanism.

Personal Stories or Case Studies

Many homeowners have encountered challenges with misaligned blind tracks, highlighting the importance of regular maintenance. Sarah, a homeowner, noticed her blinds becoming increasingly difficult to close properly. Upon inspection, she discovered minor misalignment issues that were promptly addressed through DIY realignment methods. By staying vigilant and proactive, Sarah has maintained optimal functionality in her blinds for years.

Expert Insights on Blind Track Realignment

According to blind installation professionals, preventive maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Tracks. They recommend periodic checks for alignment and lubrication of moving parts to ensure smooth operation. For DIY enthusiasts, experts advise following manufacturer guidelines and using proper tools for realignment tasks.


In conclusion, maintaining proper alignment in your Apollo Vertical Louvre Blind Track is essential for uninterrupted functionality and longevity. By understanding the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for misalignment, homeowners can effectively address issues and prevent future complications. Whether through DIY efforts or professional assistance, investing time and care in blind track maintenance ensures a seamless window treatment experience for years to come.

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