PVC Shutters

PVC Shutters

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  • Apollo’s PVC is made from polymer foam.
  • It is a solid, non-toxic, synthetic material.
  • It has many excellent characteristics, such as being lightweight, flame retardant, chemical resistant, waterproof and thermal properties.
  • It also has great sound, insulation and damping properties.
  • It is ideal for both internal and external applications, such as bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and outside balconies or patio areas.


  • The 64, 89 and 114mm blades are all re-enforced with an aluminium rod insert.
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Maximum panel widths for fixed panels 900mm(89 and 114mm blades) 700mm (64mm blade)
  • Maximum panel width for hinged 900mm (90 and 114mm blades) 900mm (64mm blade)
  • Maximum panel width for sliding 900mm (89mm and 114mm blades) 700mm (64mm blade)
  • Maximum panel width for bi-fold 600mm (89 and 114mm blades) 500 (64mm blade)
  • Midrail required for drops longer than 1500mm
  • Ideal for wet areas and available with external grade paint for outdoor use
  • 2 way closure available

Cedar and PVC Combo Shutter

This is a very versatile shutter made by combining the lightweight framing strength, stability and thermal properties of WRC and the tough, durable, economical properties of using a Polymer blade.By using a complete WRC mainframe (top & bottom rails and side stiles) along with reinforced aluminium insert) PVC blades, this creates the perfect all-round solution for inside and out. Other PVC shutters on the market just can’t hold up over time, due to the joining process used with simple screws.

  • They begin to sag very quickly.
  • The Cedar frame offers the most stable timber joint possible via a mortice and tenon join.
  • Minimum Width 250mm.
  • Maximum Width 950mm (1080mm for fixed and sliding when coupled with 60mm stiles)
  • Minimum Height 260mm
  • Maximum Height 3000mm (heights above 1800mm require a midrail, 2 midrails required above 2500mm
  • Maximum panel width for Double hung panels 600mm
  • Circular, arched and angled styles are available
  • Available in , 68mm, 90mm and 114mm aerofoil blades.
  • Standard “L” and “Z” frames are PVC. Option of Basswood or Cedar frames upon request
  • Custom colours available
  • Suitable for external with special external paint
  • 2 way closure available Coming Soon Basswood and PVC Combo

PVC Smartwood size

PVC Smartwood size

PVC Smartwood colours

PVC Smartwood colours
PVC Smartwood colours


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