42 mm Double Line Roller Shutters

Looking for a reliable and stylish way to secure your home? Apollo’s range of modern shutters has got you covered.

42 mm Double Line Roller Shutters

Apollo Blinds Roller Shutters are made in Australia from aluminium slats filled with high-density insulating polyurethane. They interconnect to form a strong metal curtain that slides up and down within special guides and can be stopped at any point.

Our 42mm slat Roller Shutter has a double line groove and a curved face profile. It is suitable for widths up to 3,200mm and is perfect for any home and or shop front. 42mm Roller Shutters are strong with silent operation. Available in a wide range of painted colours, they are double coated with an abrasion resistant finish.

Choose from a manual strap winder, strap coiler or spring loaded lockable control option, or opt for motorised or battery automation.

Enduragard™ Roller Shutters Control Options

Available colours:


Pelmets/Side Frames/Guides/Bottom Bars

(Powdered Coated options available additional charges apply)


Technical Information

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