Types of Curtains: Different Heading, Hem Options, Material & more

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Types of Curtains: Different Heading, Hem Options, Material & more

April 29, 2022
Whether you’re looking for something special or just simple curtains to provide light filtering and privacy, we have different types of curtains options that could suit your space. With a range of fabric and colour options, as well as different heading and hem options, you should be able to find a curtain that will enhance your space and provide a beautiful aesthetic to your room.

Type of headings

What is a heading? A heading is the top part of the curtain and how it allows the curtain to attach to the rail, as well as how the curtain then hangs or drapes. Choose from triple pinch pleat, S-fold, double pinch pleat or S-wave. Each heading will provide a different finish and look to your drapes. The triple pleat for example will provide a more bunched look to the curtain and there will be more folds when draped. As the name suggests, it has three pleats together to provide each fold or section of the curtain. The S-fold is a way like curtain in an S pattern that tracks in and out of the track and hangs with rounded flowing design. The double pleat has flat spacing in between the pleats for a wider look between the folds. As its’ name suggests it has two pleats at each section and they are spaced further apart than the triple. The S-wave looks well, like a wave. It tracks in an S-curve in and out of the track, creating a seamless wave like curtain of fabric without any harsh lines for a simple clean look.

Types of hems

There are 2 types of hems we have on offer including the 70mm sewn hem and the weighted hem. For a cost effective solution the sewn hem is just fine, however if you are installing your curtains in a particularly breezy part of your house, you may prefer the weighted hem which will control the fall and weight the hang of the curtain. The type of hem will be dependent on which fabric or material you choose.

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Types of tracks

Apollo Blinds has a complimentary range of curtain collection tracks that come in white, silver anodised and black. Choose from either the Residential track or the Designer track ranges. Increasing in popularity for higher end projects, premium homes and luxury apartments is our Glydea motorised option to open and close your curtains with the touch of a button. Have a difficult window you are trying to cover? We also have a selection of curved curtain tracks that can create a luxurious and romantic style inside your home.

Types of controls

All Apollo Blinds curtains come with a wand drawn control. Should you wish to upgrade, motorisation is available, however this is at an additional cost and requires a different track installation called the Glydea – somfy’s motorised Glydea track. Ask us about which options are available.

Curtain Materials

Choose from super sheers, voiles, linen look or linen blends. There is sure to be a colour selection and fabric to suit your home or office. In our new signature curtain fabric collection, there are 23 of Australia’s most popular sheer fabrics as well as a neutral Blockout fabric. Whichever fabric and colour you select, you should be able to achieve the perfect combination of privacy and light protection for your next interior project. Whether you require 1, 2 or 10 rooms outfitted we’ve got you covered. With a full range of colours and materials to choose from, there is a design perfect for your space. View our range of curtains online on our website.


The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us today to find out more about different types of curtains for your home.

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