Top 10 benefits of motorisation in blinds and curtains

Motorised blinds

Top 10 benefits of motorisation in blinds and curtains

Published June 30, 2022

Motorised window furnishings are fast becoming the standard for premium homes, luxury apartments, quality hotels, conference venues and higher-end projects.

Whether you are choosing blinds or curtains, the motorised option, although more expensive, could be a great option. They provide all the same protection and features as regular blinds or curtains, but with extra functionality which make them a fantastic addition to any home.

If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour, luxe and elegance to your home and increase its value, you should invest in motorisation for your window fittings. Savvy home buyers are looking for these upgraded types of inclusions when house shopping.

They are versatile and look great in any space. They have several additional benefits over regular blinds and curtains.

  1. Cordless Design

Great for homes with kids and pets to provide parents peace of mind that there are no cords that can get tangled or played with. Corded blinds and curtains can be a safety hazard for young children and animals due to entanglement or suffocation. Motorised window fixings are cordless and provide one of the safest options for your windows.

  1. Battery operated

No need to have a power outlet close by or install wiring as the motorised options can be battery controlled. With the simple touch of a button on your remote control, you can move your blinds or shutters to whatever position you like. Blinds can be installed on any window, regardless of its location in your home.

  1. Boosts energy efficiency of a home

Set a timer on your blinds to control the amount of sunlight let in during the day and close them at night to provide insulation. Scheduling your blinds to open and close can control the solar gain and heat loss your home experiences during the day. By opening your blinds you can also turn off unnecessary lights to save on power.

  1. Protection from the elements

Closing blinds in areas of your home that receive direct sunlight during the day can assist in protecting woodwork, upholstery, fabric, floors, furniture and artworks from UV damage and fading. You can then set them to reopen once the sun has moved to another location. Alternatively you could choose to turn your blinds from half open one way to the other to direct the light.

  1. Automation can add security

Even if you’re not at home, you can set your blinds and curtains on a schedule to open and close, so it appears as if someone is at home. This can provide extra security and home protection if your blinds are automated whilst you are away or on holidays. Motorised blinds when combined with home lighting automation can be a significant deterrent for thieves.

  1. Great for less mobile homeowners

Ability to automate a repetitive task or use the remote control so you don’t need to leave your bed or armchair. This is a great option for less mobile homeowners, or elderly customers who cannot easily get up and down to continuously open and close blinds.

  1. Can be fixed to windows that are hard to reach

Some windows may be totally out of reach such as those that are up high. Adding motorised blinds or curtains on these windows can act as a sun protector, privacy screen and also ensure insultation within the home. Automating these window fixings can be an easy way to have a fixed window covering on these hard to reach windows, that is still able to be opened or closed.

  1. Easy to use

Homes with a lot of windows in living areas for example, that require frequent opening and closing, can benefit from motorised blinds or curtains. Just schedule your blinds and curtains to open and close when you would like. This can be different between rooms and living areas, or at the touch of a button you could open or close all your blinds.

  1. Improve sleep quality

Having motorised blinds set to gradually open with the sunrise can assist in improving sleep quality and work with your natural circadian rhythm. Motorised blinds and curtains in blackout or light-blocking opacity can also provide dark bedroom environments that are perfect for falling asleep.

  1. Different modes of control

You can control your motorised blinds in several different ways. They may be integrated with your smart home lighting or security system, they can be used via a wall-mounted wireless switch, a remote control or an app.

You can easily control your blinds whether you are home or away. Update the schedule or timer, change the settings and even integrate them with other smart home apps you may be using. They are extremely versatile and add that extra touch of home automated technology that homeowners are looking for.


The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us today to find out more about our motorised blinds and curtains.

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