Roller Blinds Are Perfect To Keep Your House Warm In Winter

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Roller Blinds Are Perfect To Keep Your House Warm In Winter

July 11, 2022

In summer, we use blinds and shutters to keep the harsh sun out and to stop our house from heating up too much. Did you know the same can work in winter? Blinds, shutters or curtains – whichever you prefer for your window coverings – can keep our house warmer in the cooler months by providing insulation to windows and regulating the temperature within our house.

Roller Blinds in particular are great at preventing heat loss from your rooms because they are not slatted and they keep the window fully coveredwhen installed on the window frame.

As roller blinds are only one sheet of fabric, there are no gaps that can let the heat out and the cold in. When the blind is closed and the window is totally covered, there is less chance of heat escaping, meaning your rooms stay warmer.

As roller blinds are made from fabric, they are already a warmer material then say aluminium slats, and they offer the best insulation and are the most effective at keeping the cold out.

Slatted venetians on the other hand, have gaps between the slats which allows more heat to be lost. You don’t want that in winter, but you do want the heat to escape in summer, so they are a better option for the warmer months of the year.

Installing roller blinds on your windows will also increase the energy efficiency of your home during winter and save on your power bills. By providing insulation and maintaining the heat within the home, you may require less heating for your rooms, thus saving energy and money.

It has been shown that roller blinds can offer a 23% increase in heat conservation compared to just having a bare window with no covering. That can make a huge difference in keeping your home warmer inside without having to use the heating all the time. Sometimes, this small increase in heat conservation may be all that is needed on the winter days that are not as chilly.

Adding motorisation to your roller blinds will also increase the ability of the blinds to keep your home warmer in winter. Set them to close at a certain time when the temperature drops to keep your home insulated, even when you’re not there. When you finally arrive home, your house will be nice and cosy because your blinds have kept the warmth in from the day, and prevented heat loss.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to extra glazing on your windows, you should consider roller blinds for a cost effective, energy-efficient and stylish option to cover your windows and provide more warmth this winter.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us today to find out more about installing roller blinds for your windows to stay warm in winter.

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