Channel Stop Awnings

Channel Stop Awnings

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Features: Channel Stop
  • Ideal for verandahs & decks
  • Spring-operated top roller & side channels
  • May be locked in preset positions
  • Channels are available in: White, Black, Primrose & Mill (& optional powder coated)
  • Fabric is not locked it to channels – can blow out in windy conditions
  • 30mm gap above roller to allow Blind to be installed or removed from brackets
  • Bottom leg may be fitted increasing bottom gap from 20mm to 40mm
  • Top notch position may vary depending on the drop
  • (This product is manufactured in Australia)
Channel Awning

Channel Awning

Available colours for Convertible Awnings


    Acrylic (Dickson Jacquards)

Brush Beige J169 Brush Carbon J172 Brush Grey J171 Brush Hemp J170 Constellation Beige J179 Constellation Curry J177 Constellation Grey J178

(see all samples and specifications)

    Mesh (Outlook Mode Textures)

900 Milky Topaz 901  Golden Glow 902  Havana 903 Smokey Quartz 904  Brushed Copper 905 Peppermint 906  Blue Zircon
(see all samples and specifications)

    Canvas (Docril)

001-White 002-Fawn 003-Yellow 004-Orange 005-Espresso 007-Marine-Blue 037-Cappuccino 060-Burgundy 061-Natural 064-Lime 067-Grey
(see all samples and specifications)

Channel Awning Channel Awning Channel Awning Channel Awning Channel Awning Channel Awning Channel Awning Channel Awning

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