A Guide To The Best Outdoor Awnings

Best Outdoor Awnings

A Guide To The Best Outdoor Awnings

Published March 17, 2022

If you have an outdoor patio, front porch or outdoor living and entertaining area that doesn’t have a lot of cover or protection from the weather, you may want to invest in an outdoor awning or shade of some description to cover these areas.

Outdoor awnings can protect outdoor living areas from the harsh Australian sun as well as excessive rainfall. Covering these areas can make them available to use for more months of the year and make it comfortable to enjoy a more outdoor lifestyle.

Outdoor blinds and awnings can also increase the presentation of your home from a street appeal aspect providing a complementary look to the external areas of your home. They are affordable, practical and attractive.

As well as being attractive, blinds and awnings can assist with heating and cooling your house in the different months of the year. They can assist to lower energy costs keeping your house cooler in summer and reduce heating costs in winter by reducing drafts, providing insulation and retaining warmth in your home.

There are several different types of outdoor area treatments that could be used for the external areas of your house, business or shop including awnings, outdoor blinds or shades.

What is an outdoor awning?

An outdoor awning is any covering that can be placed over a window or outdoor entertaining area that provides shade and protection. They can increase your street appeal, provide protection from harsh sun that penetrates into your home damaging and discolouring furniture, carpets and floor coverings. Adding an awning can also extend your outdoor living and entertaining areas by protecting them from the elements and providing additional outdoor undercover spaces.

What are the different types of outdoor awnings?

There are several different types of outdoor awnings that are offered by Apollo Blinds:

  1. Fixed
  2. Folding Arm
  3. Pivot Arm
  4. Spring Operated
  5. Straight Drop
  6. Outdoor Blinds

Each type has its own list of benefits for the homeowner and each type of blind provides a different finished look for your home.

How to choose an outdoor awning

Which option will be right for your purpose will depend on several factors. These include:

  1. The aspect of your windows
  2. The level of your house the blinds or awnings will be located on
  3. The size of the area you are trying to cover and protect,
  4. The ability to fix the awnings in place to the external part of your home or building
  5. Your budget
  6. The operation you require for the awning or blind such as manual versus automatic/motorised or remote controlled.

How are the awnings installed?

Awnings can be fixed above your windows or doors with a sail track, rails, cantilevered with arm supports, fixed to the house with both extendable and retractable options, spring operated which includes hooks on a hand rail, spring loaded, encased in a headbox and permanently fixed in position.

The installation will depend on which outdoor awning you choose and the configuration of your windows and doors or the walls onto which the solution will be affixed.

What materials are the awnings and blinds made from?

Apollo Blinds offers an extensive range of designer colours and patterns across a range of fabrics and materials. What selection you can choose from will be determined by which blind or awning option you decide on.

Our fabrics are long lasting and UV resistant. They range from canvas or acrylic to breathable screen fabrics, PVC and Colourbond steel.

Looking for an outdoor awning? Look no further than Apollo Blinds.



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