Plantation Shutters – Care Instructions

Plantation Shutters – Care Instructions

October 27, 2017


Opening the Blades
  • Clearview System: These will open by twisting the slats. You should do this by using both hands so that an equal amount of force is placed on the top top and bottom off the blades you are trying to open.
  • Centre tilt Bar: Move the Centre Tilt Bar in the direction you wish the blades to move.
Opening Your Plantation Shutters
  • All Shutter blades must be closed before opening your shutters out.
  • Hinged: With care, pull the shutters open. Use tow hands to direct equal force on the shutter.
  • Bi-Fold: With care, pull the shutter towards you with the blades in the closed position. The shutter will fold up against the other shutter next to it. Continue until the shutter is fully open.
  • Sliding: With care, slide the shutter to the side of the window or door.


  • Shutters should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build-up of foreign materials.
  • Most dust can be removed with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. If you do not have one of these brushes use a feather duster.
  • To remove light marks from the slats, Apollo suggests using a new damp cloth. Avoid excess moisture on the cloth.
  • For stubborn marks, you may need to use a mild cleaning agent. This should be tested on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure the cleaning agent will not damage the shutters. Before using any cleaning agent, Apollo recommends that you contact your local showroom for further advice.
  • Do not let rain fall on timber shutters. If the shutters get wet, they should be dried immediately.
  • In seaside locations, the salt from the sea mist should be cleaned off on a regular basis. Every two weeks is recommended.
  • To slow the effects of fading from the sun, Apollo recommends that you alternate the side of the slats that are facing the sun.

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