6 Reasons Why Security Screen Doors Will Improve Your Home

Security Screen Doors

6 Reasons Why Security Screen Doors Will Improve Your Home

Published October 1, 2022

Front and back doors are some of the most frequently used doors in the house. They’re mainly located between a high-traffic family room into the backyard or in an ingress and thoroughfare areas like the front of the house and front door areas.

There are many homes where people prefer to leave a door open for natural light and fresh air, but they are restricted because of pests and vermin that may enter the house through an open door. Screen doors can assist in ventilation and light filtration when installed onto front and back doors. And for those homeowners who prefer natural light and fresh air without the bugs, screen doors are a fantastic solution.

When planning the construction of a new house, screen doors should be considered essential for light and airflow. However, they are often overlooked. It’s not just new home construction that benefits from screen doors though, it can be any home that requires air, light and bug-protection.

Here are 6 primary reasons why security screen doors are a perfect choice for your home:

A lasting impression

Your home’s front door is the first thing your guests will notice. This is where having a steel screen door can add a beautiful aesthetic and spruce up the facade of your home.

Due to their contemporary design and appeal, screen doors are a great choice for homeowners looking to update their entryway or look of their home from the street quickly and easily. Simply install to update your look instantly.

Another great thing about safety screen doors is that you can also get matching security screen windows as a custom order as well, this means you can install them how you want on both your doors and windows. Though it may not seem like a big deal, it is always nice to have a perfect screen door matching with your home décor and windows.

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Better air ventilation

Screen Doors

A screen door is the best option if you’re looking for a solution that will allow lots of fresh air to enter your space. You will get more fresh air through a screen door than from a regular door that is left open since the opening is generally wider to cover a larger door footprint.

Airflow aids in preventing a warm and muggy atmosphere within the house. A house that is too damp or humid might encourage the formation of mould spores, which ultimately causes various health problems including asthma attacks and allergy flare-ups.

Keep pests at bay

Opening windows and doors is a terrific way to bring in some summer warmth and breeze, but doing so also invites in obnoxious flies, mosquitoes, and other insects who may cause harm, discomfort, or even disease into your home.

During the warmer months, you can leave your windows and doors open with security screens in place, knowing that no pesky insects or other pests will get inside.

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Full protection while you’re away

Many of us pack up and go on well-deserved holidays over the summer. Whether it’s a beach vacation or a camping trip in the countryside, holidaymakers frequently leave houses vacant for days or even weeks at a time whilst they’re travelling.

Whilst you’re out enjoying your trip, you can be assured that your property remains safe and secure thanks to your installed security doors, screens, and windows. They’re constructed of high-quality materials that are durable and prevent break-ins, so unwind and enjoy your holiday, knowing your home and belongings are safe and sound.

Protection from harsh weather

Although summer is a lovely season, it may also bring severe weather conditions. Window screens can guarantee that your windows stay intact in the case of high winds or storms. If you reside in a region where bushfires are common, they will also aid in protecting your house from fire damage.

Heat protection

Even with the windows closed, intense summer sunshine may readily enter your home, making it uncomfortable to be inside. While indoor window furnishings are useful for reducing heat and light, they also entirely obscure your view of the outdoors. You may make use of the natural light while avoiding being exposed to extreme heat thanks to security screens and doors. By blocking up to 50% of solar heat gain and UV rays, the mesh prevents your house from getting too warm and stuffy.

With so many benefits of security screen doors, it makes sense to use them for your home. They provide everything needed to make your property stand out from the rest and also protect it from thieves and extreme weather conditions. As there are different types of screen doors and windows available to choose from, consult us today to make the right choice.

For the highest-quality security screen doors, consult an expert at Apollo Blinds today.

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