What Window Treatments Should I Use for My Mid-Century Home?

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What Window Treatments Should I Use for My Mid-Century Home?

Published December 13, 2017

With Mid-Century style emerging as one of the hottest design trends in Australia today, it’s no wonder that these homes go for a premium. If you already have one of these architectural gems, dress it up to the nines with window treatments that showcase its best features.

One of the characteristics that distinguish Mid-Century architecture is décor that brings the outside in. For that reason, huge windows that make panoramic views of the outdoors part of the overall design scheme are a given in most Mid-Century homes.

What to do with those views—those windows? To choose the right window treatment, you need to consider another key design element of Mid-Century design: clean, geometric lines. The fussy full-length drapery that looks so fabulous in Victorian homes, therefore, feels woefully out of place in a Mid-Century home.

Streamlined Roman Shades Showcase Mid-Century Design

Yet you need something that can block the light and heat when summer hits its peak. Should you sacrifice energy efficiency for design purity? Fortunately, you don’t have to. As designer Robert Couturier points out in Architectural Digest, Roman shades are the best choice for a streamlined look. They’re “stricter, less fussy, and more modern,” he says.

With their clean lines that gather in neat folds atop the windows when they retract, Roman shades create an unbroken line of vision, showcasing your home’s outdoor views and its geometric purity inside. When summer sun intrudes, simply pull them down. Their smooth, clean lines block out summer’s heat while retaining the pure, smooth lines that define your home’s character.

Specialised Roman Shades Conquer Mid-Century Design Challenges

Built-ins and banquette seating: In addition, many Mid-Century homes, designed for convenience and efficiency, maximise space with banquette seating and built-ins. Roman shades are perfect for windows in these areas of your home.

Oceanside homes: If your Mid-Century home has oceanside views you want to showcase, don’t hide them with full-length drapes because you fear that ocean breezes may ruin your guide rings. Purchase Roman shades with specially made features, such as stainless steel guide rings, that resist the salty ocean breezes that cause rust in other materials.

With the clean lines of Roman shades, your Mid-Century home’s windows will become the centrepiece of every room. To help you choose the best Roman shades to showcase your Mid-Century home, contact the window design experts at Apollo Blinds today.

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