Vertical Blinds Care Instructions

Vertical Blinds Care Instructions

Published October 27, 2017


  • Always ensure blades are tilted to 90º angle before traversing.
  • Always stack blind away from open window so that blades do not flap about in breeze.
  • Use cord to traverse blind and chain mechanism to tilt blades. Never attempt to traverse by hand.
  • If blades get out of sync, simply rotate blades to fully closed position and continue rotating chain. You will hear clutch mechanism engaging. Next rotate blades 180º in opposite direct and continue to rotate after clutch engages. Open blades to 90º, all blades should have re-aligned.
  • Control chain and cord must always be attached to recess or wall with Child Safety Clip.


  • Lubricate mechanism by spraying Silicone Spray along inside of track once or twice a year.
  • Dusk is not normally an issue for most vertical fabrics because the blades are vertical rather than horizontal. If your fabric does hold some dust, dusting with a feather duster, a gentle brush or clean dry cloth will remove surface dust.
  • A mild solution of lukewarm water may be used to remove stains and smudges.
  • Wipe with a clean dry sponge.
  • An art gum rubber is excellent for removing small marks.
  • Shicane slats have static electricity when first installed. This dissipates after a few days, but can be removed quickly by simply wiping both sides of slats with a damp cloth.
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