Can You Put Plantation Shutters on Sliding Glass Doors?

Plantation Shutters

Can You Put Plantation Shutters on Sliding Glass Doors?

Published May 22, 2024

Plantation shutters have long been a favourite choice for window treatments due to their elegance and functionality. But what about sliding doors? Can you put plantation shutters on sliding glass doors? Let’s dive into this topic and explore all the possibilities and considerations.


Importance of Window Treatments

Window treatments play a crucial role in home décor, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. They provide privacy, control natural light, and enhance the overall look of a room.

Popularity of Plantation Shutters

Among various window treatments, plantation shutters have gained immense popularity. Their classic design, combined with their ability to fit various window types, makes them a sought-after option for many homeowners.

Understanding Plantation Shutters

Definition and Features

Plantation shutters are interior shutters with wide louvres, traditionally made of wood, but now available in various materials. They can be customised to fit different window shapes and sizes, offering a timeless look that suits both modern and traditional interiors.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters offer numerous benefits:

  • Versatility: Suitable for different rooms and window types.
  • Durability: Made from robust materials that last for years.
  • Energy Efficiency: Help in regulating indoor temperatures.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance the visual appeal of any room.

Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Feasibility of Installation

Yes, you can install plantation shutters on sliding glass doors. They can be custom-made to fit the dimensions of your sliding doors, providing a seamless and elegant look.

Aesthetic Appeal

Plantation shutters add a sophisticated touch to sliding glass doors. They create a cohesive look with other windows treated with shutters, maintaining a uniform design throughout the home.

Types of Sliding Doors Suitable for Plantation Shutters

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are the most common type where plantation shutters are installed. They offer a perfect combination of style and functionality.

French Doors

French doors, often leading to patios or balconies, can also be fitted with plantation shutters, adding elegance and privacy.

Folding Doors

Folding doors, which open by folding back in sections, can be adorned with plantation shutters to create a chic look.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors, another popular option for modern homes, can be enhanced with the addition of plantation shutters, providing both privacy and style.

Installation Process

Professional vs DIY Installation

While professional installation ensures a perfect fit and finish, DIY enthusiasts can also install plantation shutters with the right tools and instructions.

Steps for Installing Plantation Shutters on Sliding Doors

  1. Measure the Door: Accurate measurements are crucial for a proper fit.
  2. Choose the Shutters: Select shutters that match your style and door type.
  3. Mount the Frame: Attach the frame to the door’s structure.
  4. Install the Panels: Secure the shutter panels within the frame.
  5. Adjust and Secure: Make necessary adjustments and ensure all parts are securely fastened.

Plantation Shutters in Different Rooms

Living Room

In the living room, plantation shutters on sliding doors create a focal point, adding elegance and controlling natural light effectively.


For bedrooms, they offer privacy and can help in darkening the room for better sleep.


In bathrooms, moisture-resistant plantation shutters, like those made from vinyl, are an excellent choice for sliding doors, combining privacy with durability.

Materials and Finishes

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wooden shutters provide a natural and classic look, suitable for various interior styles.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl shutters are moisture-resistant and durable, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite shutters offer the look of wood with added durability and resistance to moisture and wear.

Comparing Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds

Key Differences

  • Design: Plantation shutters have wide louvres, while Venetian blinds have narrow slats.
  • Installation: Shutters are typically installed as permanent fixtures, while blinds can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Maintenance: Shutters are easier to clean and maintain compared to blinds.

Pros and Cons

  • Shutters: Offer better insulation and durability but are more expensive.
  • Blinds: More affordable and versatile but may not last as long.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Tips

Regular dusting and occasional wiping with a damp cloth keep plantation shutters looking new. For vinyl and composite shutters, mild soap can be used for deeper cleaning.

Longevity and Durability

With proper care, plantation shutters can last for decades, making them a worthwhile investment for any home.

Cost Considerations

Initial Investment

Plantation shutters can be a significant initial investment, but their benefits and longevity often justify the cost.

Long-term Value

Over time, the energy savings, increased home value, and low maintenance costs make plantation shutters a cost-effective choice.

Customisation Options

Colours and Finishes

Plantation shutters come in various colours and finishes, allowing you to match them with your home’s décor.

Sizes and Shapes

Custom sizes and shapes ensure that plantation shutters fit perfectly on any sliding door or window.

FAQs About Plantation Shutters

Can They Be Installed on Internal Brick Walls?

Yes, plantation shutters can be attached to internal brick walls with the right mounting hardware.

Do They Sit on the Inside or Outside of the Frame?

Plantation shutters can be installed both inside and outside of the window frame, depending on your preference and the design of the doors.

Are They Suitable for Bathrooms?

Yes, especially vinyl or composite shutters that are resistant to moisture.

Common Concerns and Solutions

Light Control

Plantation shutters offer excellent light control through adjustable louvres, allowing you to let in just the right amount of light.

Privacy Issues

The adjustable louvres also provide privacy, which is particularly important for sliding doors leading to outdoor spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Shutters help in insulating your home, reducing energy costs by keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter.


Plantation shutters are a versatile and elegant option for sliding glass doors. They provide aesthetic appeal, functional benefits, and long-term value, making them a worthy investment for any home.


Are plantation shutters suitable for sliding doors?

Yes, plantation shutters can be custom-fitted to sliding doors, providing both style and functionality.

Can you install plantation shutters yourself?

While professional installation is recommended for the best fit, DIY installation is possible with the right tools and instructions.

How do plantation shutters compare to Venetian blinds?

Plantation shutters are more durable and offer better insulation, though they are more expensive than Venetian blinds.

Are plantation shutters a good investment?

Yes, due to their durability, energy efficiency, and timeless appeal, plantation shutters are considered a good investment.

What are the best materials for plantation shutters?

The best materials depend on the location and usage. Wood, vinyl, and composite are all excellent options, each with unique benefits.

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