How to Attract Customers to Your Local Business


How to Attract Customers to Your Local Business

Published March 25, 2018

You’ve found the perfect location for your business. Lots of foot traffic, lots of cars pass by. But where are the customers? ‘It’s all about location, location, location’, the real estate agent told you when you first looked at the property.

But wait. The location may be great—but do people even notice that you’re there?

In today’s competitive business environment, a good location isn’t good enough to get you noticed. Draw attention to your entrance door with a few easy, cost-efficient tips.

1. Keep Your Customer-Facing Side Clean and Clutter-Free

Sweep the sidewalks in front of your building. Clean your windows so customers can see inside. Make sure that what they see inside is neat, clean, and attractive.

Restaurants often put the most attractive dining table in front of the window, while offices put a well-decorated reception area at the fore. Retail establishments create a well-arranged display of their best goods in their front windows.

On sunny days, consider installing attractive blinds or shades to shield customers inside from the sun’s blinding rays.

2. Install a Shop-Front Awning

Nothing gives customers a sense of trust like a business that cares to protect its patrons from foul weather or the hot sun. Many businesses use the extra space to display promotional goods or host al fresco dining.

An attractive shop-front awning draws a customer’s eye even more when it uses the colours from the business’s logo in its palette. Add a printed logo and the business name, and you’ll have a drawing card that will set your business apart from the others on the street.

Accent the entrance to the covered area with pots of flowers, underplanted with lush greenery. Use complementary colours to your brand’s colour scheme or use colours that blend with those of your logo and awning.

Using these decorative touches gives your business a million-dollar look for pennies on the dollar.

3. Double the Effectiveness with Low-Cost or Free Online Advertising

After you have your awning installed, your shopfront tidied up, and your decorative accents added, it’s photo time. Take a picture of your new shopfront and add it to your social media profile. If you can afford a professional photograph, now’s the time to invest in one.

Use the photo as your cover photo on your website and your social media profiles. You want people who drive by to recognise you by your distinctive awning and shopfront.

Make sure you have your contact information, including your website, street address, and phone number, on all your social media sites.

Familiarity, it turns out, doesn’t breed contempt, but rather trust, when it comes to businesses. Posting photos of your shopfront online will make potential customers feel instant trust.

Find the Perfect Shop-Front Awning at Apollo Blinds

When you’re ready to step up your business so customers can take notice, be sure to contact the design experts at Apollo Blinds. They will walk you through the process all the way from planning your colour scheme to installation.

To discover more about how design affects customer traffic, bookmark Apollo Blinds’ blog and come back regularly.

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