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Straight Drop Awnings

Straight Drop Awnings is a traditional method to filter out the sun rays. It’s perfect solution for UV, air flow or any substance that is not suitable

Apollo blinds offer wide range of Straight Drop awnings:

Ziptrak® Awnings

  • Keep areas warm in winter & cool in summer.
  • Enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season!
  • Pull down and push up! It’s that EASY.
  • Sun, wind, rain and UV protection
  • Hi-tech solar fabric: sun and UV protection
  • Quality fabrics & materials: strength & wind resistance
  • Spring or motorised operation
  • Customised pelmets give added protection & premium look
  • No Zips, No Ropes, No Straps, No Buckles
Ziptrak® Awnings

Batten Straight Drop Awnings

This Awning uses a timber batten at the top and is operated by rope and pulley around the bottom roller. It rolls from the bottom as it is raised. This system gives better fabric coverage because fabric covers the total width of the Awning, therefore there are smaller gaps on the sides. Multiple Awnings across an area can be linked with zippers making this system ideal of outdoor dining areas. This Awning, because it uses a batten at the top can also be made with a sloping top, allowing total coverage on sloping verandahs.

Channel Stop

This Awning uses a spring operated top roller and side channels which guide the Awning in the drop. It glides freely up and down and may be locked in various positions. Channels are available in white, black, primrose and mill (can be powder coated). This Awning is ideal for verandahs and decks.

Gear Operated Straight Drop

It is recommended for sizes outside the maximum specifications for Convertible Straight Drop. This Awning uses a 63mm top and can span widths up to 5500mm. It also gives you the option of motorising the Awning.

Shop Front Awning

This Awning is used with J hooks hung from shop awning and is raised and lowered manually with rope. The J hooks hold the Awning in place when it is in down position. It is ideal for providing shade to shop front windows, usually covering the total width of the shop front. Company logos or product details can be sign written to Awnings making the shop more noticeable from the street.

Straight Drop Roller

The Straight Drop Roller Awning uses a top roller. It is operated via a rope and spool that raises and lowers awning. This basic system will cover maximum widths of 3900mm with maximum drop of 2700mm.

Wire Guide Awning

Stainless Steel tension wire guides allows close fitting Awnings to move up and down on the wire guide. This Awning system is ideal for widows that require close fitting application and verandahs. Can either be gear operated (ground floor) or motorised for high fitting situations or for your comfort.

• All available colours for fabric Awnings
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