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Plantation Shutters

Apollo’s quality range of Plantation Shutters have been chosen from the best possible materials.

We aim to give you the best choice of products available.

Apollo’s quality range of Plantation Shutters has been chosen from the best possible materials. The aim is to provide you with the choice of the best products available on the market that will suit your aesthetic and functional requirements. You can choose from the beauty and warmth of Western Red Cedar or Basswood Timber Shutters.

Product Catalogue

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Basswood Shutters

Basswood (Tilia Americana) is classed as a hardwood and comes from the Linden family of trees. Basswood is naturally a medium density timber and as such is ideal for Blinds and Shutters, being neither too heavy nor too light, but still offers a reasonable amount of hardness, thus giving a good resistance to knocks and bumps.
It has been selected especially for use in Blinds and Shutters due to its many qualities, including its resistance to bowing and warping when kiln dried. The timber is kiln dried to about 10% moisture, thus reducing the incidence of movement.

Basswood Shutters

Cedar Shutters

Nothing matches the charm, smell or features of Apollo Cedar Shutters. Made from genuine Western Red Cedar they are lightweight yet strong.
Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) is classed as a softwood and comes from the Cypress family of trees.
Cedar Shutters are available in blends of light to medium and medium to dark. They can be ordered with an oiled or painted finish as standard. The Western Red Cedar comes from Canada, is a medium density timber that is very lightweight and also offers the best thermal properties (insulation) of all timber types. Cedar is not recommended for use in high traffic areas, or places that are prone to be bumped or knocked regularly. There will be some natural colour, wood grain and texture variation throughout.
Western Red Cedar is treated with a U.V. stabilised single-pack lacquer. However, lacquer finish is for interior use only.
Oiled Cedar should be used for exterior or a special external paint finish can be applied on request.

Cedar Shutters

Why Apollo Plantation Shutters?

Not all Plantations are the same

  • While these timbers are readily available on the market, not all shutters are the same.
  • Many companies manufacture the shutters using dowel and glue joints.
  • Apollo’s range of timber shutters are constructed using Mortice and Tenon joints. This means the joints are much stronger. This reduces the risk of joints separating under pressure of continual use.
Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters
Mortise and Tenon Joint

Ideal for designer homes

All our timber shutters are ideal
for designer homes with windows that are shaped, arched or circular.
Plantation Shutters
Circle Shape Shutters
Traped Raked Shutters
White Sloping Shutters ApolloBlinds
Arched Shutters ApolloBlinds
Shutters Traped Raked ApolloBlinds
White Shaped Shutters Panel ApolloBlinds
Narrow Shutters ApolloBlinds
Triangle Shutters ApolloBlinds

Professional installers

In these days of DIY, many people try their hand at installing shutters but this will affect the function and look of your shutters.Our team of professional installers are equipped to ensure that when your Apollo shutters are installed, they will function and look sensational.

Plantation Shutters

Looking for another style?
Aluminium Shutters, Smartwood Shutters

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